Tuesday, October 23, 2012

31: A grey day.........

Today is grey. Damp. Foggy. Yuk. There is no horizon - just murk, and I am not at my best in murk. Glynis's washing line is approaching the Miss Haversham look - remember Charles Dickens? Cobwebs? Yes. That. The spiders have gone crazy out in the garden, and the washing line is a work of art.

It is much more impressive in real life - especially at night, but my feeble attempts at photographing it failed miserably, so you will have to use your imagination. The webs extend all the way to the plants behind it. Amazing. And just as well spiders don't bother me!

Everywhere you look, there are webs. Everywhere. Spiders are a creative lot, aren't they!
These are some of the leaves just outside my church. They definitely do their bit to brighten grey days, and we have been under the murk for 3 days now.

Anyway, last night, I sat with the green tray on my lap and watched TV with the dogs and sanded all 36 tags. Some are not as straight as one would wish, so I may do some trimming tomorrow, but they are all sanded. My right hand nearly fell off from all the exercise.

And today, after aqua - it was better today and I do still love our teacher, I started on the base coats of paint, so my kitchen is now decorated with an array of painting stuff.

This is a little stand for wet brushes which I think I got on a sale in Switzerland, and it is absolutely wonderful. No more tipping over of the yogurt pots, and once I start on a multitude of colours, I will need it to be secure and to hold all the brushes, so I am really pleased with it. A Bargain. And that is my plastic pot in it, instead of the strainer, because I didn't want to get the strainer dirty and the plastic pot won't fall over. I am prattling here, aren't I.......

The first coat is now done on one side, and maybe, when I get this finished, I will go and do the other side, if they are dry. And if I feel like it.

It is the fog. I blame that. I seem to move slower, do things more slowly and the spirits seem grey too. Do you feel the same in grey foggy weather? It just seems as though the world has lost most of its colour, and I don't like that.

Perhaps I should start painting something red. That would dispel the murk. I will put on the jolly music tomorrow when I come back to paint. And pick some of the yellow dahlias. And switch on the lights. That may work.

Paintbrush, brace yourself - here I come for Round 2..............

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Vee said...

Light a candle, Linds, preferably a scented one. Make some tea, put on the music. It's the best advice I can offer against "the murk." What a descriptive term and one I hope to remember. Foggy, rainy days are wonderful once in a rare while and only if they come singly and not in bunches.

Good to know that class went better today and that you still love your teacher.