Sunday, October 07, 2012

31 Days of Creativity - wiping a slate clean...........

Sometimes, creativity means scrapping what was done and starting over, and the garden is a lot like that. Seasons change. Moods change. Visions change. So yesterday, as the sun was shining, I spent some time armed with the loppers, secateurs and other assorted hacking objects, and demolished a corner of my garden. There is something satisfying about stripping out the old, and dreaming/plotting/planning what will be planted next spring. Rebirth. Wiping the slate clean.

Of course, actually having a summer would help enormously. We had no summer. One or two weeks doesn't count. Just ask our farmers. But then, too much summer doesn't count either. Ask the American farmers.

However, the tomatoes finally made an effort and produced the goods, and I have loads to still cook and freeze. And I now know that the place to grow my squash is down at the allotment. They LOVE to ramble all over the place and I have never had so many before. They keep as they are, so no need to ponder storage at least. Storage. Always an issue.

I am like a mother hen, you see. My family will all be here for Christmas this year, and I keep seeing things to feed them on offer, and I keep thinking - just make and freeze a, b, c, and then I realise storage is the constant roadblock in my plans to creatively feather the nest, so to speak. Mums need to be prepared. Well, this Mum does. I want to be able to spend time playing, chatting and baking with them all, instead of masterminding menus. Having some meals in the freezer will be hugely helpful. I will Make A Plan.

And now I am off to a party - My dear friend, Julia and her husband are off to live in France soon.

"How to" Corner: Changing a machine needle.
Before I forget, Bookworm, just beside the needle on your machine, there will be a little wheel to the right of the needle as you look at it. Hold on to the broken needle with your left hand and turn the the little wheel towards you - anti-clockwise. The needle will drop out. Try not to let it drop into the machine! Then take a new needle size 80 or 90 is fine for ordinary sewing, and pop it up the hole with your left hand with the FLAT side at the back. Then fasten it in place by turning the little wheel the other way till tight. Righty tighty lefty loosey, as Geoff used to say.

I break needles all the time. Another excellent thing to remember is to change the needle when ever you start a new project. I am appalling at this. I keep meaning to change, but you will notice a huge difference if you do change it. I have written myself a reminder.


Carole Burant said...

I haven't even started cleaning out my faerie garden or my other three flowerbeds yet. Had planned on doing that today but it's only 6c (43F) so I'll wait until we have a warmer day. They're forecasting a bit warmer temps next week. I'm thinking of completely removing everything planted in my faerie didn't do well at all this year and I'm just not happy with what I do have growing in there. As you say, it's nice to have a clean slate to work with:-)

How wonderful that your family will be with you at Christmas but I can understand the need for more storage space if you want to make things ahead of time. We always do manage, though, don't we:-)

Hope you had a great time at the party!! xoxo

Vee said...

I've been out to the garden ripping and tearing as well. Frost tonight they warn us. Okay. John wonders about the Climbing Brown Eyed Susan and I say that she will die of course. I say it with a tear threatening to spill. Honestly, I should have started gardening years ago. Perhaps I'd be hardened to this fact. And the morning glories pitiful as they've been this summer...I shall miss them. We do have tomatoes not for freezing or canning, but enough for eating for a few weeks to come.

Guess what I found? Wonder Under! Is that the name? Anyway, I was standing at the counter with my armload of material to be measured off and there it was on the rack. I'd never have remembered otherwise. God is good!

You'll miss your friends when they've moved to France, but that's not the end of the world as I think of it when someone moves to another country. I have actually never known anyone who has moved to another country.

The Bookworm said...

Thank you! Instructions saved for when I pick up the courage to tackle the machine. I'm wondering if I might be brave enough to tackle Christmas bunting.

Judy said...

Change the sewing machine needle with every project? ha! I, too, forget until I hear it "popping" through the fabric. :)

Crystal said...

Watch my blog later this week to see what lovely has to come to live in our garage :) I can hardly wait until we have a family gathering and I can create things a few days in advance.

Linds, you really must try canning! It's so easy and you will be able to save so, so much produce by doing it. And all need for storage is a shelf or a box or a space under the bed or - - - ! All you really need to start is some jars, some canning lids and rings, a deep stockpot or canner and some tomatoes. I wish you lived closer so you could pop over and we'd do some together the first time! Do try it!

Needled Mom said...

I just finished making some roasted tomato sauce with the end of two of the tomato plants. It is always so nice to enjoy in the winter.

I'm really bad at changing needles too. I always heard that you should do it after every eight hours of sewing. Do I do that.....heck no!