Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cuddling a baby and catching up......

The hellebores are out. The maroon ones and the white ones. And they make me think that Spring can't be too far away, but then, it is January, after all, and we have another month of Winter to get through first. But seeing the flowers makes me smile a great deal. 

My friend Jackie decided that everyone seems to be living rollercoaster lives - too busy and too few hours in the day, so she invited some of us for tea and chat to catch up. The HUGE bonus was that her daughter was there too, with her very new baby, so we all got to cuddle a tiny bundle. He screamed, mind you, when I had a turn, but he was very tired, and once his mother had got him to sleep, he was passed around the room quite happily. It was hilarious, because we all kept checking to see if he was breathing, because he seems to prefer sleeping with his face buried in one's chest. 

He is just 7 weeks old. It is just so amazing when you hold a tiny baby - the memories flood back and time seems to stand still. Was it really so long ago that my own babies were so tiny?

Yes. It was.

Little fingers. Little socks. Floppy head. Muslin squares draped over the shoulder which always fail to cover the spot the baby will spew milk on to, of course. But, oh, so cute.

A lovely gentle afternoon. 5 of us had, at one time or another, all belonged to our bookclub, and the 2 who still do told us that, in November this year, it will be 20 years old. I was flabbergasted. Was it so long ago I decided we needed one? So they are thinking of having a celebratory meal at the end of the year, and we will all gather together for that.

This post seems to be about time flying and me being amazed. I have no idea why I continue to be amazed. I should be used to it by now. Young ones, everything your mother tells/told you about time flying is true. Take heed, and enjoy this moment to the full.

It has been a lovely, unusual weekend. And now, as I have already eaten leftovers for supper, it is time to head for the couch for a nap to do some crocheting. Jackie had her woodburner going, and so help me, I could so easily have dropped off sitting on her gorgeous squishy couch in front of it, watching the flames.

Happy Sunday, everyone!


Needled Mom said...

There really is nothing like holding a new little one. Why does that time have to slip by so quickly?

The fire, the squishy couch...ahhh...I am drifting off as I read this.

Anne said...

Lots of things seem to be pushing out of the soil, even here. I only hope we don't get a sudden blast of real winter because they might all be ruined.

I'm having a lovely lazy evening myself but I'm knitting, not crocheting. I'm definitely going to learn soon!

Vee said...

Sounds like the perfect winter afternoon spent with friends before a woodstove with a baby in attendance. Yup, perfect.

Dawn said...

Sounds wonderful. I got to carry a little one around for about an hour while I was supposed to be undecorating the church from Christmas - I was doing a service for the taller-than-me (hard to believe) mother who was doing a great job!

As for my last post - it was funny that when I began, I really didn't think I had much to say. And it did get very long. Thanks for coming over to visit!

We've had some very warm days, and I keep expecting to see the crocuses start popping through. But we desperately need some more snow - especially in the mountains.

Brother Dwight is in Jerusalem - it was raining in Manchester when he left, and it was raining in Jerusalem when he got there - it is pouring today, and he wants to come home!

Stripeyspots said...

I think all boys prefer to fall asleep with their face buried in a chest. Just saying… ;)

Brenda said...

Haha! Love the comment from Stripeyspots!
Wow, how fun to be in your book club for 20 years!