Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ski racers, snow angels and snoozes.....

Hello there. Before I start chattering,  I believe it is National International De-lurking Day. (I just made it International.) So, it would be really lovely if everyone popping in today would say hi in the comment section. You are very welcome to say a lot more than "hi" of course!  If you do not have a blog, choose the anonymous option and then leave your comment. I love to hear from you all - and making new friends is such fun!!

I am watching the downhill from Wengen (on TV) as I write. Isn't it amazing how, after watching 5 or so lunatics skiers hurtle down those steep slopes, one becomes an expert? We are sitting here saying - oh no, he is way too slow on that bend, off the pace, too late into the jump, skis to far apart, too wide, ski line to loose....... experts, I tell you. Can any of us stand up, never mind move on skis? Why, no. Of course not. We are armchair experts, and my snow expertise is limited to making snow angels. Or snow men. Or snowballs.

But the flags are waving and the crowds cheering and cowbells are clanging because so far, a Swiss is in the lead. The skies are blue, and the sun is shining on the snow, and if you get ski racing on your TV, have a look and see. Beautiful.

Speaking of snow angels, I persuaded David and Jean to make snow angels a few days ago. They took some persuading, thinking I had lost my mind, but, after I flopped down and made one, they conceded that it could be fun, and made angels too. The getting up again required a bit of ingenuity and one large son. It is good to do childish things now and then and abandon one's self to the fun. And it is also good for one's children to see their mother making a total fool of herself. Did I mention that the son had control of the camera????

I rest my case. Fun is good.

The snow is deep but firmly packed, so you have to climb up a snow slope into the garden and walking on top of it, you are able to look over the 6ft fence with ease, and lean on the top of the swingset, which is half buried. David had great fun breaking off the huge stalactites hanging from the balcony. And we keep saying how much fun Missy would have in the snow. She would absolutely love it all.

The snow on the hill has slipped down, and left a chicken on the mountain. Can you see it? Well, I think it actually looks like a kiwi. But then I can't remember how long their legs are. Anyway, I am rather fond of my chicken/kiwi outside the window. Maybe it is a "sign". Diana/NZ/me/dreams/etc/etc.

 Some of the paths are closed, and they make it quite clear why. However, it amazes me that there are ski tracks on the hill behind the gates. Oh well. Four languages should cover it. They know the risks.

I have been sitting in the sun for an hour or so and I tell you, the eyes keep closing. Nap time. Maybe I should walk outside into the frigid air. It will wake me up. Puzzle #3 is underway. All of them have been  1000 pieces.  Jean is an absolute whizz. Turn your back for a short while and she is half finished!

 I try to walk for at least an hour a day, and it has been absolutely perishing out there. We stopped for coffee and to thaw at Marge's work and the instant I swallowed the first sip, I could feel it inside as it radiated heat through my body. Divine. Just as well, because my hands were SO cold that even the marble counter top felt warm in comparison.

But the sleepiness now comes from being in a warm and comfortable chair, with a warm and not so comfortable laptop on my lap. It is Marge's and all the keys are different, but it is amazing how fast you can adapt.

So, either I will doze off now, or wake up in the bracing air if I can summon the energy to go downstairs. The living areas of the house are all on the first floor here, which makes perfect sense - hot air rising and so on. I know my house is lovely in the bedrooms and cold in the lounge. That makes NO sense. Maybe I should change it all around.... Or maybe not. But either way, it is time to post this before it joins the dozens of half written and unfinished drafts. Sigh. I am full of great intentions. OH..... just so you know, the Project 366 is going well, and so is the line a day. 2 of the goals. And the exercise. 3. The weight....this is Switzerland. Land of cheese and chocolate and brother-in-law = master chef, so WHAT DO YOU THINK??? Groan. Just as well there are 11 and a half months left in the year and that home has none of the above. And that home is where I will be very, very soon.

Have a great weekend!



Vee said...

And you can yodel? Wow! I love it.

I'm sorry that your time in paradise is ending soon because you are so obviously perfectly happy there.

I did see the big bird...ohhh, it could be Big Bird. Missy would just love playing in all that snow. Some fine day!

Susan said...

Hello, I'm a reader in Zurich -- I found you through Swiss Family Olson. Your photos are beautiful. Happy to report we have sunshine today in Zurich. Thanks for blogging :-)

Helen in Switzerland said...

Have a good trip home Linds - hope to catch up with you on your next visit!!

Edith said...

I'm still reading regularly even though I don't comment regularly. Sounds like you are doing well on your goals for the year. Enjoy the rest of your time in Switzerland. Would love to visit one day. Ha! My days of international travel are likely over...except for Canada. Ah well...I'm off to clean the freezer.

Needled Mom said...

I love the chicken!!!! Too funny.

Snow angels were much easier when we were closer to the ground, weren't they? It's the getting up that is the hardest part.

A nap sounds really good after a cold workout.

Stripeyspots said...

I love the way the Swiss treat chocolate like it's one of the food groups. To be included at every meal...

Anonymous said...

Well, following your exploits has been a great holiday for me, so it must have been simply wonderful for you!!

ML said...

I have decided to answer your "roll call," and confess to lurking on your blog for a very long time. Even though I am way ahead of you in age (will be 69 on the 27th of May...your birthday), we have so many things in common that I have told my daughers I think I have found my soul sister, and she lives in England.

My husband passed away very unexpectedly at the age of 57. Left me devastated. You have expressed so many of my feelings on your blog..things that I haven't been able to put into words...that I have found it comforting to know I am not alone in those feelings.

So, I lurk here every day and find words that smooth the sharp corners. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and determination to carry on. You are a true inspiration to me.

M.Middleton/retired teacher in Texas

Anonymous said...

Hi, I read you everyday in Columbus, Ohio. I love how you describe everything, I feel like I have visited new places even though I will never be able to afford to! You are delightful!


Crystal said...

I came back to comment! But you know that I don't lurk - I'm usually right out there in the open :)) I have loved this time visiting with you in Switzerland. Someday I will walk with you and take as many photos as you do!

Becky said...

Yodel-ay-hee-hoo, right-back-at-cha.

I have been reading your blog for quite some time and have "commented" occassionally over the years, so I don't know if you "know" me, or not. (I have a "barely breathing" blog.)

I enjoy your blog ~ I appreciate you, have laughed with you, cried with you, prayed for you.

Take care, dear one...blessings to you in 2012.