Monday, January 09, 2012

Snow, sales and a new project.........

There has been a great deal of snow. Snow. And more snow. But life goes on as normal. Things do not stop because of snow here. This is a continual novelty for me, I have to say, after living in the UK. So today, we ventured slowly down the mountain to the valley, which has no snow at all. Jean had a gift token to spend. And spend it she did. Great fun for her at the sales! She is "puzzling" at the moment - doing a 1000 piece puzzle. The whole family joins in as they pass the table, and it is always a delight.
Pilatus from the valley
Marge is taking down Christmas in her doll's house, and the rest of the family is half comatose on various comfortable seats around the place.

A close up of Pilatus in the sun
Achievements of the week so far - the new gym ball has been blown up. We sort of demonstrated a few exercises, and then had a nap.  The house has been stripped of Christmas. And even the little village enormous city has been dismantled and packed away in boxes. It occupies nearly one entire wall in the lounge, so dismantling that took David's help and strength. And a conveyor belt of people up to the attic (which is not an attic, but a whole extra floor of the house divided into rooms, with the most phenomenal amount of storage space. Beautiful. I dream of storage space.)

And the restaurant is now back to normal too. Christmas has been packed away. So, I have started a Spring ripple blanket while I am here. I will leave it here, so I can do it when I come back. It is good to have projects I can pick up wherever I am. I love the spring colours.

 Oh, I wish you could see the beautiful spring things for the home in the shops here. I wanted to take a photo but the shop assistants said no. Beautiful things. I bought some raffia to crochet something I saw there. I think I can replicate one of the lovely ideas, but I wish I had bought some of the flowers. I showed Marge what I love, and she will check out the sales (when they start) of the spring things. Maybe they will be there then. We will see.

Time, I think to fill up the coffee mug and pick up the crochet hook before I fall asleep. All the mountain air, you know. It makes you sleepy. Well, that is my excuse! Happy Monday, people!


Vee said...

They said no? Hmmm, I always see other bloggers posting lovely photos of their local shops and even of the shopkeepers grinning broadly. Whenever I have asked, I've been told "no" as well. And I confess that I have held a grudge. I have not returned to that shop since and have no plans to do so. In fact, I can't imagine what would ever entice me back. I'm sure the the shop owner will miss my hundreds of pennies. =)

No snow in the valley is interesting, which must mean that there's a line of demarcation somewhere along the way as you climb back up the mountain.

Glad that all that snow is efficiently dealt with and that you enjoy it so.

An entire floor of storage just makes me dream, too. Ohhhh, how pleasant that could be.

Happy working on the afghan. It's going to be a beauty.

Linda said...

It all sounds like just a little bit of Paradise to me Linds. I love the colors in the new blanket, and I really admire the fact that you can replicate things you see. I'm one of those that must have a pattern. I don't think I'm very creative.
Enjoy these lovely days with your family in that spectacularly beautiful place.

Brenda said...

I've just sat down with my daughter Grace and read through your posts on Switzerland. She's excited to think that I "know" someone visiting there! This has been good for her to read along with her library books. Thanks for sharing!
God bless.

Isabelle said...

Happy Monday to you too. It looks beautiful but just a bit brrrr to me...

Needled Mom said...

But....did you explain to the shopkeeper that you were a blogger and we NEEDED to see pictures???????

It does look just gorgeous - cold, but gorgeous. I finished taking down Christmas today too. I would love to see the splendid sounding village you helped dismantle.

Enjoy your stay and safe journey home.