Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Home again, home again.....

From THIS..........

 To THIS is a bit of culture shock. A shock to the senses too. Re-entry to my ordinary world is a little tough, you see.
 We got home, and I discovered that the battery had decided to expire while I was away. The car battery. So Peter and I used the industrial strength jump leads and got it going, and I whizzed up and down the motorway for half an hour to charge it. It goes, thank heavens. However, remember that headlight I was so proud I managed to change just before we left? Dead. Stupid thing. I took it out this afternoon and tried reconnecting it again, but no, it does not work, so guess where I am heading at the crack of dawn????

Just charming.

But I have been back to aquazumba and aquarobics and although my body has turned to jelly and I now ache all over, I am feeling very sanctimonious. Saintly. I have also started the £1 in the pot for every 30 minutes of exercise idea, to amass a fortune which I will spend on ME. Well, that is the theory, anyway.

I had to take down Christmas in this house. Including the tree. That was after I opened all my presents which were still here waiting for me. I didn't take any with me. That was fun! Taking down the tree was a little odd much later than usual. The house is still red and brown and cosy looking, but it was different, somehow.

And then, today, just look what arrived in the post!
Some super thin, very warm gloves - sent (I think) by my sweet friend Kelli, to keep my fingers from falling off. I was SO excited, and it was a wonderful surprise, and I am very, very grateful!

There are always linings to the clouds, aren't there? Hidden delights waiting around the corners. This, then is the mark of an eternal optimist. The delight in the knowledge that the bad times make the good times even better. Contrasts. I am reading a wonderful book by Luci Swindoll called Doing life Differently, and she talks often about how the awful things which happen serve to enhance the good times. She talks a great deal of sense, and I heartily recommend the book. In fact, while checking the title of the book, I saw another one I really think I should read - Simple Secrets to a Happy Life. Not out yet, but it will be in March. (I love the wish list idea at Amazon!)

So, here we are. Winter is proving to be very mild in these parts, but I miss the snow, the biting cold and the sun and blue skies. And the mountains. And my family. And........

There is more aquazumba tomorrow. There is the trip to sort out the headlight. And there will, no doubt at all, be other adventures to enjoy. Tomorrow.


Vee said...

Oh gloves! Wonderful and I'm sure that they work beautifully, but do let us know.

Hope that all the car troubles get figured out. Batteries don't last much longer than five years in our experience. How old is that one?

You've got so much accomplished in just a few days. I've managed to do nothing.

PEA said...

Isn't it always such a let down when you have to go home and back to reality!! Have you ever thought of moving to Switzerland to live near your sister?? No doubt, though, you wouldn't want to leave your kids and granddaughter behind:-)

Car troubles..I'm having my share of them and now it's my heater in the car that doesn't want to work unless I give it a good smack under the glove box compartment! Looks like a loose wire somewhere under there. With the frigid temps we're having, I need the heat in the car!!!

It sounds like you're settling back into your regular routine, isn't it fun?? LOL xoxo

Edith said...

Welcome back...Sorry it started off with such a ummmm sputter. Hope you have no troubles sorting the car issues out. Good for you to get right back into aquazumba. Have a fabulous day.

Needled Mom said...

I'm glad that you had a safe trip home, but sad you came home to a dead battery. Could that light have anything to do with it?

I like the idea of a reward for the exercise!

boysmum2 said...

Unfortunately we can't always organise the welcome home we get!!