Sunday, January 29, 2012

I am back again.....

Hello, everyone.......

I have been away for a few days down south. In London. Or close by, at least. I had an appointment, you see, to meet with the barrister, lawyer, and assorted medical experts to discuss how we proceed. Mega important stuff, which had me resembling a gibbering wreck by Thursday, when we left. In a stoke of excellent timing, Jean was planning to go and visit her mother and brother in Kent, so she dropped me at Andrew and Ann's home, and I stayed there, just hopping on the local train into the city for the meeting. But more of that later. Had I caught the train for a day in the city from here, I may well have needed a mortgage, given that peak time train travel in the UK is apparently the most expensive in the world.

The great part was being able to finally drop off all the Christmas presents for Missy and her Mum and Dad and Granny and Granddad. At the end of Jan. I am so good at managing timing well. Sigh. But Missy was more than thrilled and that is what counted. I can't tell you how much I love that little girl. She NEVER stops talking, and has an amazing vocabulary. I gave her some Peppa Pig musical instruments as part of her present. And when she unwrapped the parcel, she said ....Oooh, INSTRUMENTS!! She is not 3 yet. I also popped in a kiddie recipe book and explained that it was a book with lots of yummy things in which she could bake (she LOVES baking) with her Mum. Oooh, a RECIPE book!! Yes. Her vocab is great.

And just look at that gorgeous hair.

 Bags. She adores bags of all description. She is definitely a girlie girl!

So, on Friday, I set off for London, and the barristers' chambers. In a part of the city I have never been to before, but I got there. The underground is a wonderful thing. Beautiful building. Beautiful chambers. Beautiful gardens. I made every effort to appear classy and elegant, but arrived looking rather like a scarecrow in the wind. Just as well I got there early - I managed to find the Ladies' Room to do some running repairs before the rest arrived, thank the Good Lord. And 3 and a half hours of non-stop talk/discussion/opinion etc etc etc, with me doing a great deal of listening, but also voicing thoughts throughout later, it was over. On one cold cup of coffee. I was a wreck after those 3 and a half hours. And by that time, I had my leg resting on a vacant chair and all pretence of elegance was out of the window.
 But the barrister and experts think the case is rock solid so far. And there is talk of a class action suit in the offing. The experts are acting for other parties too. So I staggered out of the door with my stick and headed for the nearest coffee shop and sat down with the largest black coffee I have ever consumed. And sugar.
 And then I thought about trying to see a friend for more coffee, but in all honesty, I was close to the limits of the endurance capabilities, so I headed back to London Bridge. But then, I thought, here I am in London and I have seen nothing. So I walked onto the bridge to take photos of the river, and I am really glad I did. It was beautiful. The Tower of London looked stunning.
 And so did Tower Bridge.

And then I found my way back to Andrew's station, and fortunately, he was only a few trains behind me, so Ann was there to collect us. And it was back home to forget all about everything and just enjoy watching Missy play.......
 She is so beautiful. And as bright as a button. And quite dictatorial. But mega-cute. I love her to bits. And she "lubs Moreglanny". We have a slight "r" problem. But that is just fine.

On Saturday, my son had to work, so Ann, Missy and I headed for Costco, which is always fun, and then off on an "adventure". We went down the river to Gravesend, and walked along the water. They hadn't been there before, so there were loads of excellent photo opportunities, and I was explaining the tides, the pilot boats, tugs and BIG ships to them. I am so familiar with these waters, but that is all for another post. Maybe tomorrow.
 The seagulls posed beautifully.
 And the new dolly, Heidi (she came from Switzerland) had an outing too.
 These ships have featured heavily in my life..........
So much to see, which was new and exciting. And perishingly cold too. Thank heavens for warm layers!

So, today, we went to church (with Heidi dolly and push chair too) and then I came home with Jean.

And here I am.

I need a nap. And I have declared tomorrow a couch day. But I have loads of memories to cherish, and many photos, and soon it will be her birthday and I will see her again.

I love being a Moreglanny.


Dawn said...

She has such beautiful long hair - fortunately she doesn't have a sister to cut it! I love it when the girls say something just a bit wrong - so cute and too fun to correct.

I hope something comes of this legal mess very soon!

The pictures are great.

Vee said...

How being A "Moreglanny" will you ever return to being a mere "Moregranny"? (My mother never quite got over going from a Grayma to a Grandma.)

So glad that this meeting was in tandem with the family meeting of a far nicer kind, though I'm very glad to know that things sound so promising with the hearing. Such a long drawn out affair, though. They should, at least, provide hot coffee throughout.

Yes, gorgeous hair on that grandgirlie of yours. What a wonderful vocabulary! Not even three? Yes, highly verbal she is. Perhaps she'll write a book by year four. =)

Linda said...

A very full couple of days Linds. Oh the joy of grandchildren. She is just wonderful.
It sounds like thinks are looking optimistic with all of the legal things. I pray it all works out...soon!

Anne said...

Enjoy your well deserved "couch day" tomorrow and I hope your legal entanglements will be sorted out soon.

Stripeyspots said...

What beautiful pictures! And what a brave and determined woman you are...

Needled Mom said...

You deserve a day on the couch after all of the legal stuff. I am so glad it was lightened with a delightful little Missy.

MotherT said...

Missy is so adorable! I love that you are "Moreglanny"!

I'm praying for the legal stuff to be resolved soon for you. I KNOW how very frustrating it all is.

Becky said...

Precious time together! It's amazing how much she has grown. I love to read about your times together.

The Bookworm said...

Beautiful pictures. Beautiful little girl. Not so beautiful meeting, but at least it is DONE.