Monday, January 23, 2012

Little posies......

I wandered around the shops this morning, after doing the bill paying etc etc etc. I wanted to see what was out, if the garden things were arriving, what Spring stuff was available. I hadn't been near the town since I got back, and no, there is not much out. When I was at Marge's place, I saw some beautiful Spring posies which I coveted, of course, but did not buy, because I am ultra frugal. I did point them out to my sister and told her to get them if the sales produced a 70% off bargain. But anyway, I wanted them. 

So I started looking for tiny artificial flowers. There are very few. I knew I had some at home, and this is what I ended up with. I spent the princely some of 2x59p. The rest I had. 

 I did have to go to a couple of shops, and I really wanted some miniature tulips or crocuses or daffodils like the Swiss shop had. Oh, I LOVE that shop........

Anyway, after getting a little roll of tape from our florist, I came home and started playing. And this is what I ended up with. I had to use the flash and the pics are not stellar, but I think you can get the idea. They do not look very like the Swiss ones. I will need to keep playing, but they are a start.

On the Swiss display, they had a serviette, with a crocheted raffia band wound around it, and a little posy tucked into the band. I LOVED it. So, while I was there, I got some raffia and crocheted some long strings, using a #10 hook.
 And the only serviette I could find was pale pink. I wanted white. They are hiding somewhere. But don't they look sweet? I will keep trying to replicate the others, if I can find some tiny flowers somewhere. I like them. They will do for now, and in the Spring, they will look lovely on the table should I decide to have a dinner party. The idea is that they are also pretty when popped into a little vase. I could have sworn I had a plethora of tiny vases, which are also mysteriously in hiding today.

Mind you, I think I have decided that my kind of entertaining is of the BBQ variety. And the other thing I used to do but have not done here, is brunches. That I can do too. It is complicated trying to entertain formally when you have to do it all. The greeting, talking, cooking, drinks etc your self. I end up being in the kitchen while the guest have a lovely time in the lounge. Not quite what I intended. So the casual, everyone hanging about in the kitchen thing is more my style now.

I could also do raclettes. I would, if mine worked. I seem to remember Geoff declaring its demise as the guests were arriving, and we had to borrow one for the meal. That was a long time ago. I need to check these things.

Right. The leftovers are nearly gone. I am off to heat the last of them and grin at my posies........


Midlife Mom said...

Your little flowers look lovely. What a great idea for napkin rings, may have to give that a whirl. I usually do a different napkin fold every Christmas but this year I guess I was lazy and just had the old plain napkin laying there.

The blueberry cake looks yummy, I'm headed over to the link for the recipe after I finish this. Always love anything with berries in it and have some blueberries in the freezer.

Flowers blooming already?!!! We haven't even had winter yet it seems. Some brief storms and a bit of cold weather but nothing to write home about. I'm still waiting for a good 18 inch snowstorm so that I can get out on my snowmobile for a little spin. It's been easy on the oil bill though so for that I am thankful.

Oh whats a raclette?

Edith said...

BBQ entertaining is my favorite...especially when others bring side dishes. I don't do large groups though.

Anyway sounds like things are going along swimmingly at your place. Have a blessed day.

Meggie said...

I used to love entertainnig- usually did the smorgasbord type thing, so everyone could choose what they liked best, and also, I could be part of the fun, since a lot of it was done prior to eating.
Nowadays... well my son ensures I have food, or I would not bother.