Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Every day brings surprises........

There is nothing like starting the day by having to instruct the son to dig up mountains of snow to unearth the manhole cover for the sewage system. And then making vague attempts to assist with the snow removal. Snow which had frozen. We had to check the summer garden photos to try to locate where it was, because the snow was deep.

 Son was not thrilled. However, it was done just in time because the man who fixes ailing systems arrived with his axe and mallet. I kid you not. The Swiss way to de-ice frozen manhole covers. You do not want to know what was under the cover. Suffice to say that we are now awaiting the arrival of a very large lorry. I may evacuate the premises for the duration.

2012 is shaping up to be a year of New Experiences. Ice hacker thingys and now intimate acquaintance with Swiss sewage systems. My Dad (a civil engineer) would have been in his element. I wonder what the Good Lord has in store for tomorrow. Apart from the snow which is on its way. OOOOOH! That means I get to watch all the amazing snow removal ploughs, trucks and tractors again. They have right of way on the roads, so cars, lorries and coaches scatter in their wake as they whizz forward and back at top speed. They really are amazing, you know, and the roads are cleared constantly and rapidly. Swiss efficiency.

At this point, I will inform you all that I cannot use spell check bcause this computer thinks that every word I write is a spelling mistake because it is Swiss.  And all the keys are in the wrong place. So I am apologising for any horrendous mistakes. I feel like a real failure here, because having every word I write underlined in red is humiliating. Sigh.

Today has been beautiful. So stunning. Blue skies, white snow and brilliant sun are a wonderful combination. And the place is heaving with people. The weather changes rapidly up in the mountains, though, and the skies darken for an hour or two and then clear once again. I never cease to be awe-struck by the way the mountains change minute by minute. The light, the shadows, the wind, the mist, the clouds. I love it.

I have another goal to announce. I intend to continue with the fitness quest, doing my aqua-robics/zumba and pilates, and I intend losing, at the very least, 20kgs this year. The quest is to strengthen the core, which will, I hope, help the balance. Healthy living. Simple food. Loads of fruit and veg and water. Fortunately, I love simple food. I love the aqua. This is not an impossible goal at all. Feeling that I am doing everything possible to strengthen my body is good. I know what needs to be done. I should really have a pacing goal, but that is doomed so I am leaving that one out for now.

Thousands of little ants(people) are swarming down the mountain. I can see them from my seat here at the window. The ski slopes up the mountain and here in the village have been very busy today. This is a bright, colourful world today and that, my friends, makes me smile!

PS: As I was uploading the photos, the doorbell rang. You guessed it. The lorry (which was actually a landrover with generator and millions of miles of hoses) arrived. Me with my Germlish. I called my brother-in-law after pointing them in the direction of the manhole, and thankfully, he arrived to do the talking. No chance to depart. And for the past hour and a half, I have been airing the house. In a coat. In mid winter. In the snow. Every door and window open. Lighting candles.


These things happen.

Ah well. No-one can say my life is boring!!!!!!


Helen in Switzerland said...

I guess we're both going to be hit by snow storms tomorrow Linds - so we'd better enjoy the nice weather while it lasts! You might want to try pilates for your core by the way - I swear by it - and it's gentle!!!

Vee said...

You so make me want to visit Switzerland in spite of your current circumstances. I'd suggest your baking the wonderful cinnamon cake, but after the discussion of weight loss, that doesn't seem proper.

The paragraph about snow removal is very interesting. John just yesterday morning read me a letter to the editor written by some man complaining that the snow plows did not stop at the red lights while he had to. He didn't think it fair. John thinks the writer is a moron and can't believe that he wrote such a letter with his name on it for all to sneer at. =) I will have to have John come read how the Swiss do things.

Enjoy the coming snowstorm!

Linda said...

Definitely not boring Linds!
I think I look forward to your visits to Switzerland as much as you do. The pictures are absolutely spectacular. The mountains just take my breath away.
Enjoy these days - and all the unexpected "adventures."

Isabelle said...

Hmm, sewage. Lovely...

Can I join you in losing those kgs?

The Bookworm said...

Hoping your next new exoerience of 2012 is a little less aromatic!

Prixie said...

ahh, those snow covered mountains! It is absolutely beautiful! I live in South Africa, a place where proper snow fall is pretty much non-existent. Well, in the city I live in anyway.

MotherT said...

Those pictures are spectacular! I'm sure the aroma is, also. I think I would be baking something with lots of spice to it to help erase the odor.

Good luck on your weight-loss goal and the core strengthening! I start physical therapy today for my knee, and I'm sure they are going to talk to me about the core strengthening, also.