Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cakes and comments........

(For local friends, peanut butter Kitkats are back in the shops! - And they are delicious and to be avoided at all costs, of course.)

Hello. It has been a wet and grey day here. I did a little catching up this morning, by popping in to see my friends (the ones with the twins, who are now nearly 9 years old. How did that happen??)  That was good. I wandered around the chemist/gift shop for a while, and just generally did the Saturday morning in the village sort of thing. Some fresh vegetables, eggs so I could bake, and then I stopped at Margaret's house (the garden fairy) to drop off some flowers. Her husband went for a cardiac stress test yesterday and ended up having an emergency angiogram and a stent put in to open up a blocked artery. He is one very lucky man indeed. 

Cold wet weather is baking weather, isn't it. So I baked one of those blueberry muffin type cakes, and they always work fantastically, and look wonderful. I have made them with every kind of berry and they just never fail, and are always delicious. The link to the post where I linked to the recipe is here. That is the MOST ridiculous sentence I have ever written. But I am sure you will all work out what I mean if you want to make the cake. You really need to make the cake. Now.


It is now Sunday, not Saturday. I wrote all the above yesterday and then Nicky arrived and the conversation was rattling along, and photos were gazed at, and food was consumed and there was laughter involved and then it was midnight and I went to bed. 

So I never got round to posting anything at all. 

This morning, I had an email from a friend saying that she was having a problem posting a comment here. That she got a weird message and I know that other bloggers have had readers saying that they were getting blank pages and all kinds of hassles, so it is not just me. Can you PLEASE email me at lal50 at if you also have a problem? I think the solution is to switch back to the old blogger interface, but I am not 100% sure. I suspect that those with the new interface (me) have no problems with blogs also using the new interface, because I have not had any problems leaving comments so far. If ever there was a kiss of death, that would be it. We will see. 

I will switch back tonight if that is the solution. 

Right. Consider this yesterday's post. I will be back later.


Vee said...

I had to switch back to the old interface yesterday after gazillion messages from frustrated commenters.

Oh you do know how to crank a gal...I must bake blueberry cake? Well perhaps you are right and I must. ☺

And you have peanut butter Kit-Kats? How in the world is it possible for your world to be more advanced than my own. Are we not all equal? Sigh. I want peanut butter Kit-Kats. Wonder what month they plan to roll them out...

I am very glad for your friend and pray that he feels better and like normal very soon.

Needled Mom said...

Yum! That blueberry cake looks incredible.

I'll bet you enjoyed the chat and photo sharing. It was well worth staying up late.

Wish a speedy recovery for Margaret's husband. He was a lucky man.

I am going to try to switch interface today and see if that works. It is so frustrating.

Tigger said...

Peanutbutter kitkats....yuck !
And before you ask, yes I've tried, yes I love Kitkats ( too much ), yes I love peanut butter ( ditto ) but the combination just doesn't do it for me. Which is bizarre as I love peanutbutter sarnies with chocolate sprinkles on top.... Feel free to join the hordes of people who think I'm nuts to enjoy that combination of sandwichfillers but not the Kitkat version.

Jane said...

I hope whoever came up with the angiogram and stent got full recognition, it must have saved so many lives - including my husband, who, like your friend's, just went for a stress test.

Linda said...

The cake looks absolutely scrumptious Linds!
I haven't changed to the new interface - much too terrified to try anything new any more. I haven't even done the FB timeline thing. It seems every time I try something new I just mess everything else up. I hope you get things straightened out!

The Bookworm said...

Peanut butter kitkats back? I did not read that. I am determinedly trying to push that genie back into its bottle!

(I think Google word verification has been reading Charlotte's Web. It has given me "sompig".)