Thursday, January 19, 2012

Oh the things we put ourselves through......

Well, today did not get off to a stellar start. Apart from the fact that I am now quite capable of surviving the aquazumba class, of course. Back to normal on that front at last. That was good. Great. But then I went to get the headlight sorted, and that was just fine, although I appeared to have lost the cap for the headlight inside the car - you know, the bit which keeps water out of it. I would think that was quite essential, actually. Anyway, I drove home, and then walked all the way to the dual carriageway / motorway type of road to see where it had fallen off. I remember hearing something, you see, but didn't see anything in the road behind me rolling about as I went to the shop which fixed the light.

It was a fair way to walk, and JUST as I got to the far distance and was about to turn round after a fruitless search, the heavens opened and the rain fell in biblical proportions. On me. I had no coat. The sun was shining when I set off.

I was drenched, and cold and totally unimpressed with life, let me tell you.

So I trudged home, and in the post were 2 wedding invitations/save the date thingys. One in France in September, and one in Auckland in Feb. Wonderful celebrations are ahead for 2012.

Then, with great timing, I remembered that I had a long-standing appointment to have my hair cut, and a few highlights put in to counteract the rapidly multiplying stress highlights (aka grey). I cannot describe what a mess it looked like after being soaked in the rain and drying in frizz curls. The word fortuitous springs to mind. It is over a year since I have done anything to the hair, and it was looking very tired. Like its owner. In fact, it looked worse than the woman on "10 years younger" on TV last night, and she was just 50. Groan.

So, in the interests of being real here at RCR, here you see what a picture of stunning-ness one looks like with foils in the hair. Please note the one sticking straight up in the air. A special touch, I feel. Two minutes prior to the photo, I had the whole lot dangling over my eyes, and I was beginning to hyperventialte.

Thank the Good Lord for giant red clips, is all I can say.
Such elegance needs to be recorded for posterity. I just had the top of the head done because the whole head requires mortgaging one's home.
However, it looks great, even with just a few in. I sat there in those foils and worked on the ripple (the red one) while I chatted to a fellow client also having a "get rid of the grey" day, who sings in the same choir that I sing in (and our choir will be singing together with Becky's husband's choir when it visits in May this year).

It is amazing what a new hairdo will do for the mood, and the sense of self-confidence. I will need all of that when I go to a meeting next week with the barrister and assorted other legal people and medical experts in London. I refuse to look like the country bumpkin I may just have become. I can do classy and elegant. I will do it. I can remember how.

At least the hair will be ok. I can work on the rest. I have a week.

So, on this grey and dismal day, there have been rays of sunshine too. Anything is possible. I need to remember that.


Linda said...

You are absolutely elegant and classy in every way that matters.
You are also brave. I don't even look in the mirror when I have all that color goop on in the beauty salon. Too scarey!

Stripeyspots said...

Your hair looks fabulous! And I think the real trick of the day was ending it on a positive note...

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks really lovely, Linds.

Becky said...

I agree - you're brave to share a picture with the thingys on the head. I had to postpone my appt due to my foot surgery and I have until next week before I get to go. Talk about being in dire need!!

Dawn said...

Dire is the word for my hair, too, and I will not be showing a picture. I just need to figure out a time to get in that will work for me and my hairdresser as well, which is always a trick.

What fun to get to sing with Barry's choir! I would love to do that myself with our choir here in town. I have to say I'm envious!

Once again I am trying to play catch-up. I posted the twins' birthday celebration, then 12 days later, finally got one done tonight with the latest ramblings. The old brain isn't working well these days.

boysmum2 said...

Your hair looks great, shame about the rain though. But wedding invites can be fun, specially if you get to go and party

Olson Family said...

Lovely hair - part of the body armor for the meeting next week, Yes? Praying and knowing you will represent yourself and family well. What a beautiful time in Switz - we are sure due for a visit but will be content with our daily blessings. :)

Vee said...

Oh very pretty! I'm loving the word verification at the end of this comment. Did I have one at the end of last's?

Needled Mom said...

I love the way your hair turned out, Linds. The highlights are beautiful and I can imagine what an uplifting experience it was for you.

Sorry about the headlight piece!! Have a better weekend.