Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sun and freezing temps.......

 I think you may all be geting a little sick of snowy photos. Never fear, people, there are not that many more to go! We were invited to tea at a friend's home today, and because we didn't have a clue where she lived, we ventured out on a plod of discovery this morning. It took some doing, but we found it, I am happy to relate.

And then we took Jean up another side of the valley to get a different view of the village. David and I did the walk a few days ago, but that was during snow showers, and today was a spectacularly glorious day  once again, and SO different.

On the way to the hill, I noticed the sun glinting on the icicles hanging from an old barn. Aren't they stunning? And isn't it wonderful how ordinary things can make on stop in one's tracks at times? The fact that it was -12C and my fingers were blue was immaterial. It took AGES  for them (and the rest of me) to thaw.
 The village from a different angle and looking very Swiss and chocolate box-y.
And this paraglider seemed to need skis on his feet which is not something I have seen regularly. Not seen at all actually.
So there you are. Beauty. I am extremely glad that I am not driving down the mountain right now because the queues are mammoth. It will take the thousands who were up here in the mountains hours to get down, but I am sure they will all think it worth it. You could not have asked for a more perfect Swiss winter day.

And on the wish list goes a pair of ultra thin thermal gloves. I have furry fingerless ones, and they work on mild day. I have knitted ones and they do not work at all. I have snow ones and they work on cold days, except for the pain in the neck pulling on and off every time I want to take a photo. My fingers are tired of being blue. Purple. Ice cold. So I am going to be searching the sales for the dream pair, if they exist.

Our visit to our friend this afternoon was just lovely. So were the Swiss cakes she had acquired. (Forget the diet for now!) It would have been rude to decline the invitation to partake. I partook with relish, you will be happy to hear. And I just loved visiting another Swiss home. Apartments are huge here. Rooms are big. Spacious. Even apartments have fire places, to my delight, and I also tried out their fancy massage chair. Heated. I contemplated taking up residence in the chair for the forseeable future, actually, especially when I could see the mountains from every window near me as I reclined in splendid luxury. I should just have asked for a blanket and I would have been as happy as Larry.

So, right now, it is time for supper, and I am going to investigate the contents of the fridge in the hope that there is a lettuce leaf available for consumption.

I will be back.

PS. Thank you so much to the lovely people who heard my request and commented yesterday. I was so delighted to see some new names, and learn a little about you. You all know a great deal about me already! HOWEVER......... (not that I want to moan or whine here at all) 122 of you visited and 9 commented. Sigh.

I love you all, really, faceless or not. Thank you for coming to visit!


Vee said...

That first photo is wonderful and would make such a lovely header cropped and with the sunlit bits showing. I enjoyed taking a closer look and seeing the ridges of the roof on the underside of the snow slipping off. The details of a thing can be so lovely.

I'm sorry that more people do not leave a word. It would make me feel a lot better because as you may know, I feel like a stalker sometimes visiting and commenting as often as I do. I can't help it. I have to give feedback. I have to comment. I have to say that I adore your writing and love the worlds you introduce me to.

The Bookworm said...

I visited but didn't comment yesterday, but I'm commenting now so that you can account for an extra visitor :). Beautiful snow pictures. Definitely not too many!

Edith said...

I visited and commented. Sorry more did not. I do enjoy your writings though.

Linds said...

I also LOVE seeing my "old" blogging friends! You ladies are amazing,and it is a delight to be writing with you!

Kelli said...

I will NEVER tire of your pictures. And because of that, I have pulled out my magic knitting needles and dispatched you some gloves.

Ok, well,I did nit really knit themas we would both know how that would turn out.

However, upon arriving home, you will find a package waiting with some beautiful thin thermal gloves. John uses these same ones when riding in the snow,and adores them.

So, more pictures. No excuses :) Love you.

Debbie said...

I love the photos and don't think I'd ever get tired of them. I also visited but didn't comment yesterday, so here's my belated comment to you. I enjoy your blog so very much and look forward to reading your posts.

Isabelle said...

I didn't visit yesterday (though have done so now) but here I am commenting. But you "know" me quite well anyway!

Linds said...

Ah this is so much fun!You have NO idea how I am loving seeing the names pop up in the comments here! And Kelli, you didn't need to do that, sweetie....but wow. Just wow. Thank you!I love you loads too.

Tigger said...

A day late with a comment - does that count ?
Often visit, rarely comment ( so little time.....), always enjoy immensely !

CarlaHR said...

Oh my, I do visit regularly but don't think that I have commented (perhaps once or twice), so consider this to be an "official" comment. Like you I love Switzerland (my husband and I married in Grindelwald)but these days, on a retirement income, we don't get there as often as we used to when we were working.
Enjoy the rest of your stay in "paradise" and keep on sharing the pictures.
Today, here in Quebec we are having snow but where I am there are no lovely mountains alas.

Linds said...

You all count, ladies, and I am delighted to meet you! Photos of Switzerland I have in abundance. I may well post more in the next few days. Re-entry to normal life is not that easy, I have to say.....

PEA said...

I finally have some time to come visit again...doing so many things at once and it leaves little time for the computer! Sigh!! Right now there's a snowstorm going on outside, I just made an apple pie and it's baking, so time to visit my dear bloggy friends:-)

The scenery over there, especially with the sun shining on those mountains are absolutely breathtaking. Even with the snow and cold, I could see myself getting used to it!! hehe

As for the perfect pair of mitts/gloves, let me know if you find anything. I don't know how many pairs I have but none keep my fingers warm if I'm outside in our frigid temperatures.

Now to read up on the posts I missed:-) xoxo