Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Alphabet Soup - the letter "D"...

Today is Tuesday, and that means Alphabet Soup, so why not join in, and list some of the "D" things which bring joy and pleasure to your life?? If you join the fun, please pop over to Morning Glory and let her know you have posted!

So today we look at the letter D...
  • Daughters, of course...specifically mine. Diana is a very special young woman, and she is a joy and a delight. And a long way away too. But I could not want for a more wonderful daughter. I love you loads, my girl.

  • And I also have a very special son called David. My baby. Well, maybe not the baby so much any more - off at uni and having a great time. He has been a real blessing to this family, and I have loved having him home with me, but I am also so happy that he is loving the next phase of his life too. I love you loads too, my boy.

  • And then there is my daughter-in-law as well. What a wonderful addition she is to our family, and she brings her lovely family with her, to our delight. I love you loads too, sweetie - and that husband of yours, but he is not a "d".

  • Dance - I love dancing around my kitchen, although this is somewhat of a trial at the moment. I love watching Strictly Come Dancing, and I love all dance, come to that - ballet, modern, party. I love it.

  • Dreams - I have many. They keep hope alive.

  • Diaries - places to write what is in your heart. Diaries which need to be incinerated one day!

  • Dogs - they have been around most of my adult life but at the moment, I don't have one. Maybe one day. They are such faithful companions. I loved walking with my border collie over the fields at dawn. Even if she did round up all the sheep in a helpful manner now and then. And move them 3 fields away.

  • Daisies - simple sweet happy looking flowers.
  • Dishwashers. Especially now, as mine is not working. It would bring great joy to my day if I could stack it and switch it on!

  • Droewors. You would have to be South African to understand this one! A rare but super treat.

The gasman has just been and I need some "bits" for my boiler. He, or another gasman, will be here tomorrow morning. At least he didn't say doom or destruction. I live in hope.


Mary said...

Called in to bloggy land to discover you had posted this one only 14 minutes ago. It is weird - It feels like we are in the same place. How ya goin? You are starting your day and I am in my jammies waiting for a respectable time to go to bed (I am absolutely whacked - tired - but my sister is over from another State (10 years since she was over) and I feel as if I should stay up a little longer - it's only 8pm?.

I promise I will not even consider (ever again) going surfing without first passing it by you. Can you surf?

My 'B' word this week is BED (even if it is embarrassingly old and the cat has clawed all four corners into a tatty mess. Send you over a photo.


Mary said...


My dear friend Linds - bathing suit? Did you not think the photo of me fully clothed scary enough?

And what about the life surfer dude - HOT or what?

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

"D"on't you "D"are incinerate your "D"iaries!

Morning Glory said...

What a great list! I love daisies, dreams and daughters, too.

I'll be in touch when I return.

Sandra said...

Oh droewors....YUM.....and thank you for stopping by my blog. You brought back memories with the Appletiser, it's one of my favorite drinks and unfortunately I can't find it here.

Then you mentioned savlon and dettol cream and I just smiled like an idiot LOL I was waiting for you to mention Panado LOL

Thanks for the trip down memory lane :)


Margaret Cloud said...

Nice post, I like driving, dessert and dogs.

PEA said...

A wonderful list using the letter D:-) I agree with you about dreams...they do keep hope alive! I use to write in diaries when I was a young girl but have no idea what ever happened to them...been waiting for one of my 4 brothers to come out with it and blackmail me! lol I've never had a dishwasher...I'm soooo deprived!! Now you have me curious as to what Droewors are!! xoxo

meggie said...

I have had the same thoughts about my diaries. All would be ok in 100 years, but in the meantime....
Curious about your dream. I have a recurring one about being huge houses, they are mine, & always contain hidden rooms, & many extras! Maybe it is telling me to shed old things?
Go well my friend. Hugsxx

Dawn said...

Good choices. I seem to have a hard time coming up with these words for some reason!

Hope you get everything fixed soon - including and especially the knee, of course!

Linda said...

Great "D" list Linds, and I can agree with every one of them - except the last. I'm afraid I don't quite get that one. But I'm going to trust you and go along with that one too!

Crystal said...

Your list is great!! Of course I would love it since we are kindred spirits :)) And I am thrilled to have a working dishwasher right now. When you come to visit you won't have to wash dishes here!

Joyful Days said...

I love dogs and dance too. Prayers continuing for your knee & adding heat that doesn't leak over the sofa.

Mary said...

See how tired I was ? I just read Morning glory and saw that the letter was 'D' not 'B''!!!!

New word from me is Dementia (that starts with a D, right?)

Desia said...

It's past my bedtime, and now I'm craving droewors! All you fault!

Midlife Mom said...

Okay now what is a droewors???? I'll have to google that one! Great list of D's, I too LOVE daisys, they are just so cheerful! I hope you get your boiler fixed soon and your dishwasher, both really important items!! Take care!

Needled Mom said...

Droewors???? Please fill us in.

So glad to hear that the boiler has not completely died. "Bits" sound much better and cheaper.

Hope you have heat soon. xox