Monday, October 06, 2008

Images on mountains....

Does this sound weird? I have this image in my mind, which will not go away, of me, standing on the top of a mountain, with my arms spread wide. I can see me from behind only. Reaching out? Embracing the world? I wake with the image and it flashes through my mind at different times of the day, and no, absolutely not, I am not going to burst into "The hills are alive" and go gambolling off through the meadows. I have not been watching old movies. I don't even know if there are meadows up there on the mountain I keep seeing. Or where it is.

I just see me up there. Now if I could just have the large flashing arrow pointing to the neon instruction board, that would help.

I spent some time today pondering this image. And I was trying to rationalise it, by saying - yes, we all know how much I love mountains, specifically the Alps, and walking on them. Preferably down them. In forests. Maybe this is why I have the image which doesn't go away. I want to be there. Now would be good. Maybe? Wishful thinking?

And then I thought of how I am multi-faceted, like all of us. I also love going to the beach before dawn, and sitting on a rock, or the sands, watching the first rays of the sun rise over the water. I love the silence of the mountains, or the faint sound of leaves rustling in the forests I walk through, but I also love the sounds of the waves breaking on the shore, the sounds of the seagulls overhead. Mountains, sea, silence, noise.

I love the changing light, the casting out of shadows. I love the movement of the clouds against a bright blue sky. I love watching birds I cannot identify soaring high above me.

But why am I standing there with outstretched arms on that mountain? And why doesn't the image go away? Or change?

I have said this before - I have a feeling that I have been planted here on my backside, which is considerable right now, until I "get" what I am supposed to be doing next. I have a suspicion that I am missing all the signs. Or refusing to recognise them. I knew the day I went for the interview at the school ages ago, that it was wrong, and because "I knew better", of course, I took the job. I should have trusted more. So I had to be stopped in my tracks. The first attempt didn't work, when I ripped my chest muscles. So we now have a more defined stop. As in I cannot walk.

And now I have this image. Is there anyone out there with any ideas? Because it is not going away.......


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Linds, it sounds absolutely thrilling and scary all at once. Wish that I had an idea, but I am only able to gently chastise you from time to time for being at the schoolhouse when you hated it so. I am praying for the revelation. He has not brought you to this to leave you there clueless. No, He has not!

Needled Mom said...

How interesting! I have no idea what it means, but I hope that you will post it when you figure it out. Perhaps the outstretched arms are your pleading for answers to the knee???????

Janine said...

How very Sound of Music! Maybe you are being called to be a nun! Stranger things have happened. XX

Linda said...

Those sorts of things always fascinate me Linds. However, I don't have a definite answer for you. I think maybe just pray about it and ask the Lord to be a bit more specific. I believe He will! In my imagination, it means you are climbing a mountain right now and that you will reach the top to find something brand new stretching out before you. How's that?

PEA said...

It has been said that dreams are a sign of things to come...I found this by searching the net about dreams:


A mountain dream is used by the subconscious mind to tell us that we have many obstacles to overcome and they will be large ones and almost insurmountable. This dream can be one of discouragement or encouragement, depending on the entire context of the dream and must be studied in that light.

Now that's something to think about isn't it! Hope it helps! xoxo

Linds said...

Well, it helps that in the dream, I am on the very top! I must have overcome the bits if I am up there. I hope!

Mary said...

Sorry kiddo but I think you being on top of the mountain is clearly a vision (yet to come) and not an snapshot (already there). Me thinks you desperately need to feel free and
alive and you are reaching out from a high place because that is exhilarating and represents a certain freedom, a kind of rejoicing, a pinnacle (you can see far and wide from at the top of a mountain).

Whenever I need a mountain top experience I find that I need to have one in my soul before I can have one physically (so to speak).

Of course I really don't know what your vision means - I really hope it means that it wont be long before you can see your pathway and that really, really soon you will be done with this bloody knee (oops!)

Last week I climbed a mountain and raised my arms to the sky (it was victorious). This week I am paying the price - my dicky knee is absolutely caning.

So, maybe it is best for you to only raise your arms in your vision and wait for your knee to properly heal.

I am raving so I'll go now.

Wish I could sit down over a coffee with you and really explore this one with you.


Judith said...

Linds, I just read your two last posts. I would have killed the hotwater bottle too, but the burnt wheat, or whatever it was, I attribute to it's like things I do when my brain's on overload.

The matter of the mountain top with arms outstretched reminds me of when I planted the rose bush that got me the knee injury. Remember, it was to celebrate leaving that terrible job. I hated the inconvenience of crutches, but they forced me to get still, and think about a lot of things. Maybe that's what's happening to you. I don't mean to write a book here, but will tell you I almost worship my rosebush. I've named it Freedom Rose.

I'm really sorry about the cloud getting wet. At that point I probably would have cried. Don't beat yourself up about taking the job. God probably allows you a few mistakes in life.

You, who love the outdors with such passion, keep those arms outstretched. When God is ready to, He will fill them, and it won't be with another terrible job.

At A Hen's Pace said...

I think you should just hold on to that image, loosely, and wait and see. ("And Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart.")

It does seem like God may be speaking to you through it. I'm sure you have already asked Him what it means, but if He's not making it easy, then He must want you just to think about it awhile and wait on Him to reveal it!

It is a beautiful image, and sounds "true" for you, Linds. You are an overcomer. This knee injury has laid you low physically, but it can't keep your spirit down. It's a great image of hope--and maybe of total abandonment to God?!

Blessings, dear Linds--


Olson Family said...

I have 2 thoughts:
-channeling Julie Andrews (doubtful)
- "the heavens declare the glory of God and the earth declares His handiwork" cannot remember the reference.

Just my thought - I think He's just preparing you for what comes next - sounds like there have been a 'few' changes. Take courage in Him and don't lose hope - I'm praying someone will get you walking around soon.