Thursday, October 30, 2008

Treatment plans at last....

I saw a new consultant this morning, and this time, I had a friend with me, who had spent most of yesterday researching everything, and she had a list of all the questions. This doctor was good. Patient. Long-suffering. And he let us ask every question we had.

The result? Referral to a pain specialist, physio, a return appointment and an explanation of the arthroscopy and probable knee replacement in the future. The patella is history. Grade 4 bone damage. Wonderful. Yes, I will take the medication now that I know exactly what it is for.

So, finally it looks as though a treatment plan is almost sorted. 19 weeks after the injury. And just for good measure, it appears that I have CRPS. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Just what I needed. An optional extra. It will take some time to balance the exercise plan between lots of exercise and not too much. Sigh. I tend to want to overdo things. just a little. But the great news is that I have lost 6.5kgs! 14.3lbs. Woohoo! Long way to go before I reach sylph-like proportions, but I decided that any extra weight would adversely affect the knee, so it had to go. Middle-age does have some draw-backs, doesn't it - spreading rears are included in that.

Roll back the clock. Before I hit 50, I had rarely been to the doctor. Since???? Hahahahahahaha. I should have my own name-plate on a seat in the waiting room.

Switzerland - or the part where my sister lives, is blanketed in deep snow. It is still Arctic here. But things could definitely be worse. I have so much to be grateful for. Including my snuggly poncho. It works! I speak from the depths of turquoise fleece.

Right. I need to get about to visit all of you. I will be back later.


Mary said...

I'm (still)dancing and cheering and jumping up and down with joy for you my dear - I promise! Well done indeed on your weight loss - fantastic result. As for the knee - I am glad you got some answers. Knee replacement? Oh me, Oh my! Be good.

Penless Thoughts said...

Glad you got some answers.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Woo hoo! And also, Oh dear! Well, at least you have some answers, after so long a time.

I fear knee replacement is in my future too, but hopefully not for a while.

Good job on the weight loss! Keep up the good work. :o)

Take care of yourself, Linds.

And Happy Halloween!

Love and hugs,


Barbara said...

Glad you have at last been given a diagnosis and treatment plan. Always helps to know what is going on.

Now I see you have the blanket poncho - where are the ugg boots?

Needled Mom said...

I am so glad there is now a plan of attack for all this pain. It has got to bring some sort of satisfaction knowing it is not all in your head. I am glad that you finally got to the bottom of it all.

Susie said...

So glad you have a plan in place and that's wonderful about losing the weight.
It is hard to balance exercise and overdoing when "all the parts aren't working the way they once did"

Crystal said...

Thanks be to God! So now you have a plan and you know that it's not just imagined and there is hope for the future. I so want you to be able to play with that granddaughter and hike the mountains again. Rejoicing with you, LInds!!

Linda said...

It is always good to have a good plan Linds. I'm so pleased you're finally getting some proper help. I'm sorry it is so involved, but I will pray that you will soon be feeling a lot less pain.
Congratulations on the weight loss. There's always a silver lining :-)

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

It's about time! I feel like hugging your friend.

Morning Glory said...

Congratulations on your fabulous weight loss! That's awesome.

Well, it's good to hear that there is now a plan for your recovery. It's just a shame that it had to take 19 weeks!!

Debbie said...

Hooray, a treatment plan at last!!! I hope you make quick progress.

Chris said...


Do be careful and don't overdo. I'd hate to see you worse off!

Joyful Days said...

Glad you finally, finally found someone to give you the much needed information. Wish it was better info, but you have a clearer view now. Yay you!! For losing the weight! I am impressed and inspired.

Mary said...

H.M.D.Y.W N?

Karen said...

Yippee! A treatment plan!

Funny (not) I think I mentioned my Dad and his knee? Well, he is looking at a possible knee replacement also....And he fell in (I can't remember what month), but it was early summer I think. Absolutely ages ago, and finally saw the surgeon last month.

Hoping it all works out.