Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Appletiser and other bits......

Elgin, one of the areas near Cape Town is famous for apples. And even more famous for something called Appletiser and if you have never tasted this drink, you have one amazing treat in store. It is 100% pure, natural, no preservatives and no additives. It is also the best sparkling applejuice on the planet. Non-alcoholic too. It also comes in grape and pear.

I mentioned this in a comment yesterday, when Sandra asked how we dealt with childhood ailments. In South Africa, we always gave children (and adults!) Appletiser to sip and Marie biscuits to nibble, and I have been so lucky to find them here in the UK too. Sandra said she missed Appletiser, (she also grew up in SA) and so I started googling and it is there! In the States! It is sold mainly through health food outlets, I think, but there is a complete list of places to find it on the link above. It has been available in Europe and Autralasia for a good few years.

And no, I am not being paid a penny to tell you to go and try it. Appletiser does not know I exist, and we all know I am not in the States either. However, it is so good, and I know many of you prefer 100% natural goodness, so I thought I would give you the info. Let me know if you try it! (And yes, Mr Appletiser man, I would LOVE a free case delivered to my door, thankyouverymuch! You're welcome.)

While I am talking about apples, a friend of mine has a wonderful recipe for windfall cake - made with chunks of apples and sultanas. It freezes beautifully too. I will post the recipe later.

Moving on.....

I am sitting here waiting for the gasman to come back with the "thing" he needs to fix the heating. Typically, the sun is shining today, and it is marginally warmer than it has been.

The sun did not, however, shine on the British Banking System yesterday. It nearly tottered off the edge of a cliff. The government stepped in overnight to save it, and only the markets will decide if they have done enough. I said the world was in a mess. I was right. The financial world as we knew it is gone.

Thankfully, they appear to be putting measures in place to prevent banking bosses from awarding themselves those unbelievable monopoly money numbers in bonus payments. For doing such a stellar job. I really do believe the $300+million the Lehman boss paid himself should be appropriated and put back into the public purse. Seeing the public now own a good part of the banks. That would be you and me. Tax payers. Sigh.

It is now later - as in 4.30pm, and the gas man has indeed been. I have heating! And the sun is shining. He was hilarious, and kept me laughing the whole time he was here. He also serviced the boiler and while he did mention that the boiler is old and very much past its prime, he does think it will survive the winter. Hallelujah! Something works! I can think about options next year. Gooooooood boiler. I am proud of you.


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Lovely for things to go right for a delicious change. And to have a gasman who does schtick...even better!

I've just been playing cards with my nan...she beat me to the tune of 3200 points.

I'm off to follow your link about Appletiser. You made it sound so yummilicious!

grammy said...

I did follow the link and they are not in any stores in Colorad. Will keep my eye open.

Susie said...

Hi Linds,
Lovely to catch up on all your news!
I missed doing the D meme this week, but enjoyed reading through yours. I would have chosen much the same!
Glad you have your heat repaired!
Thanks for your prayers for C. I'm one relieved Mom!

Crystal said...

Do you know if Appletiser is sold in Canada? I think my son would love it - he's always been a huge apple juice fan. And I agree that the financial world we knew is gone but change is a constant in everything worldly. Only our God and His love are everlasting - praise be to Him!!

Mary said...

(I know you will want to know this) - we have appletiser here in Australia ! and, so does Saudi Arabia!

Glad your heater is working. Well done boiler ;)

Banks? I so agree that the ugly, greedy big bosses should have all their money taken out of their account and they should be left with just enough to (maybe) pay for a few generic grocery items.

Chris said...

(pat pat) Good boiler!

Seriously, though. All of us who know you realize your heart is warm enough to keep you from ever freezing.

meggie said...

So glad you have some good news! I love a friendly service man. The grumpy ones need to lift their games!
I have tried Appletiser, & can attest to it's goodness.

The econimic woes have done my brother a good turn, he is coming from NZ to Australia, so the exchange rate is the best it has been for months!

Joyful Days said...

Stay warm & drink lots of Appletiser!! My oldest would love that it sounds like. I will look for it.

Sandra said...

I love you for finding it for me, it's actually just down the street from the base so I'm heading there tomorrow to pick some up.

I love APPLETISER, it is by far the best apple juice ever. My kids tried it back in South Africa when we visited in may and they couldn't get enough :)

Anonymous said...

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