Thursday, October 02, 2008

Note to self -- Cook Something.......

Hello, all. I realised at 11pm last night that I had actually forgotten to cook anything for supper, or to indeed eat anything either. I do believe I am losing the plot here. The absence of the son lurking in the background asking when supper will be ready has completely discombobulated me.

So I have written myself a reminder to cook. I am bright. I have a kitchen full of apples, beetroot, courgettes and beans at the moment, and no inclination to deal with them right now. Tomorrow, maybe.

News from the couch is a little sparse today. It has rained. The sun has shone. It has rained some more. I have had a couple of visitors. And that has been it. Excitement is sadly lacking and I have run out of things to read. I may have to learn how to work the DVD player tonight.

And that ends this blindingly stellar post.


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

I daresay we're safe in knowing that the tummy will take over for the lurking son at some point.

It's not easy being alone. I just hope that you'll actually make yourself a real meal and not just a piece of toast and a cup of tea.

Lori said...

I start to get hit upon about supper around 4:00. They NEVER will let me just forget about it. Sheesh!

Susie said...

Hi Linds,
Maybe if you don't feel like cooking every day, you could cook up a couple meals in bigger quantities and then freeze them to reheat on a day you just want to relax.
I often do that just for the two of us as it's just as easy to cook a large portion as a small one.

Crystal said...

When I'm by myself, I often end up like that too! But the fresh ingredients will inspire you. I agree with the others - cook a bigger meal and you can have leftovers/freeze some for other days. Good luck!

Morning Glory said...

I'll have to admit that I forget to eat sometimes, too. Usually it's lunch at about 3:00 p.m.

Mary said...

Hi Linds, I'm back from Sydney. Have caught up on your posts - seems to me that you are suffering from an acute case of 'superduperboredomandlackofstimulatingadventurenottomention missingson'sneedinghismon syndrome'. Hang in there! Don't worry about missing the odd meal - after all what could possibly go wrong other than loosing a few pounds - right?

This may sound really strange but I actually thought about you while on hol's - thought you would really love the Blue Mountains. So, I took some pic's for you. Posting soon


Mary said...

Please insert an 'n' between the 'o' and the 'm'. Ta

Opps, I meant to say 'Yeah!' "How exciting" concerning your grand daughter. So, Yeah! How exciting!

Dawn said...

You make me laugh - but I am afraid I never forget to eat. Unfortunately! But I don't cook when I'm alone. I hope you can get some good books to read! Too bad libraries don't make house calls.

You'll get a bang out of Kristen's latest post - it'll make you happy to not have so much to do!