Saturday, October 11, 2008

Windfall cake and independence....

The sun is shining, and I decided to try driving again, and went to the neighbouring town, which is 2 miles away. Early. I walked to the bank, walked back to the car, drove home, and I am ready for a nap. But I am happy to say that I did indeed "control the car". It hurts to drive, but if I am supposed to get used to this, then I have to start, don't I.

Oh the freedom! Just getting myself from A to B is something I will not be taking for granted anytime soon, I can assure you.

The Windfall Cake Recipe:

250g (8oz) self raising flour (or ordinary flour with 1 teasp baking powder)
pinch of salt (salt)

Put in large bowl.


175g (6oz) margarine (I think you get margarine - or use butter)

Cut into flour mix till like breadcrumbs. (use fingers or fancy pasty blender thingy)


100g (4oz) Sultanas (golden raisins or any raisins come to that)
100g (4oz) Castor Sugar ( ordinary would do - castor is just more refined than ordinary!)
350g (12oz) peeled, cored and diced apples (weigh them once done, not before!)

Mix together


2 eggs (are eggs the world over)

Mix with spoon. Do not beat.

Dredge with castor sugar.

Bake at 180degrees C (350F) for about 50 mins in deep 8" round tin.

It is totally wonderful. And it freezes well too, not that you will have a chance to freeze it. I would add a photo, only it is history. Sigh. I still have apples. There may be more baking ahead.


I have added the imperial measurements and the translation, as requested! I am grinning here, because I am usually the one needing translation when I see all the great recipes on line!)


Mary said...

You go girl :)

Would love to give the cake a go - but - well you see - I am watching what I eat - yes I am.

A photo may tip me over the edge though...

Mary said...

Ok I have done a quick calorie count and if I keep it to about cupcake size servings and add say a little bran then I could have some .

Done deal


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Hooray for the independence of driving! (I don't think that you need to get used to the discomfort, though. That knee needs fixing!)

Barb said...

It has to feel good to know that if you have to, you can drive yourself somewhere now, Linds. What a shame this has to be such an ordeal - it's hard to believe there isn't something they could do to relieve your pain.

About that cake - I've never even heard of half the ingredients! Is there a translation for those of us who live on this side of the ocean? Or, how do you feel about making one and shipping it to Coloraod? LOL

Luanne said...

Hooray for one of many more small steps of independence. The nap was probably just needed because of all the exhileration of the moment lol.

The cake sounds wonderful. Thank you so much for providing the oz. My knowledge of the metric system conversion is pathetic.


Crystal said...

Yeah for independence and 'new' sights and freedom!! I was thinking back to this time last year and I think you were posting about walks around the village and countryside - I loved your pictures.

Thanks for the recipe - we don't weigh things we go by volume measures. Isn't it amazing how things are different around the world? I guess it was the Canadian independence thing to do it differently! But you're right - eggs are eggs are eggs!! Off to bake my pumpkin pies for our Thanksgiving celebration tomorrow. Do you celebrate that holiday?

grammy said...

Glad you were able to get out a little. Baby steps (o: The recipe looks great. I am afraid to bake lately. The hubby and I just devour it and ...well lot of good losing 40 pounds does when you put it right back on. I am trying to be careful. Thanks for stopping by.

Needled Mom said...

Just catching up after being away for a few days and was glad to hear that you got some attention paid to the knee. Did they by chance mention a knee replacement to get rid of the pain? I would certainly hate to think of you not being able to climb those mountains, Linds.

I agree with you that it is time to send in that letter of resignation. If nothing would do your heart some good.

Hopefully, now that you can drive the world will reopen to you. I cannot imagine being laid up as long as you were. That would be so discouraging.

The apple cake sounds yummy. I loved the translations as that was what I found so difficult when we lived there. And, we all speak English!

Have a "heated" weekend. Glad it's fixed. xox

Isabelle said...

Glad you have some positive things back in your life. Hope things continue to improve.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

The cake sounds great! Sounds a lot like a fresh apple cake that I make,and perfect for Fall with cup of hot tea or coffee.

Glad to got out a bit and hope you start getting better daily, Linds. :o)

Love and hugs,


Judith said...

Linds, I'm not much good with recipes since I learned to cook
Adlib, meaning how to make something the family would eat from whatever was in the kitchen.

But I am thrilled to death that you're driving again. The freedom of that will be very good medicine.

meggie said...

I am not much of a cake eater- luckily- but this does sound rather nice!