Saturday, October 04, 2008

A chilly Saturday ....

Last night, I left the house. You may fan yourself at this point to recover from the shock, people. I actually went out for dinner! And it was great. My friend, Glynis and I decided to ignore the main courses at the restaurant, and opt for a starter and a dessert. Her husband and son did not ignore the main course. Or the dessert. Oh wow. It was an inspired choice, and I had a baked camembert with slices of apple and celery and bread to dip into it, with an onion relish. Heaven. Followed by a chocolate tart with ice cream. Ditto. Bliss.

As you can see it was a low calorie, diet friendly meal. Slimming. I will refrain from mentioning the garlic pizza bread and continental meat grazing platter which we all shared, because we did just that - we shared it, so it doesn't count. Does it?

Sigh. I had forgotten what the outside world looks like. It certainly tasted spectacular! And the company was great too.

And so a cold, windy autumn weekend is here. It is grey out there, and I do believe I may soon cave in and switch on the heating. Maybe. Or I may just go and crawl under the blanket called the cloud, because it is so soft and warm, and stay there.

One hour later....... GROAN...............I surrendered and switched on the heating. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. It functions not. So I have called the gas company and as a priority, they can come out on Tuesday morning. So that rather takes away the choice of whether or not to switch it on. I am now praying that the boiler is not dead forever. Nice boiler. Pat pat. You are my friend. Pat pat. Goooooood boiler......

I am off to the cloud. I have hot coffee. I will not let any icicles grow from the end of my nose.


Crystal said...

That dinner sounds just like something I would enjoy! Baked Camembert - yummmmmm! And too bad about your heating. I hope it's really not serious. We've been spoiled with temperatures in the mid to high twenties all week. This too is changing as rain and +13 are predicted for tomorrow. Stay warm!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

If it's not one thing, it's ten!

Hope that the gooooood boiler, your dear friend, can be fixed simply and cheaply.

Glad you got out. Make plans today to get out again.

Stay warm...

Sandra said...

I'm so glad you got out with your friend and enjoyed yourself, your dinner sounds amazing. :)

Sorry your heat doesn't work, that's not good, you need to get it fixed FAST LOL


Britt-Arnhild said...

Good to hear that there is some progress for you. A friend out with friends - life is good :-)

Judith said...

Wish I could send you some of our Colorado sunshine. Scenes of Doctor Zhivago waltz around in my head. Hope you are warm enough under your "cloud".

I would think your having such good friends warms you even more. Will be praying it's only a thermostat problem, and not the entire furnice going out.

Thanks for mentioning about ordering dinner like you did. I've thought of that, and think next time I'm out, I will.

Love and prayers, linds.

Barb said...

Oh no, Linds. I've been toying with the idea of turning on the heat tonight - it's suddenly COLD here. Now I'm afraid to. If I turned it on and nothing happened, well, I'm afraid I'd get very upset.

Good grief. It seems to be one thing after another for you, lately. What next!

Isabelle said...

We've just put on our heating for the first time, and because we got a new boiler in the summmer at rather enormous expense, it's working well and quietly. It used to sound as if there was an aeroplane taking off somewhere in the house.

Hope your heating problem is something simple. It seems very hard that this should happen to you as well as everything else.

I feel just like you in your previous post about the blog world. I don't have so much time as you currently have to surf it, but it's so interesting and heartwarming and fun.

And now I must go and tidy the kitchen. Pat pat, Linds's boiler. We of the blog world salute you, o great boiler. Be good to her.

Dawn said...

For Pete's Sake! What can break next??

I am so far behind it is pathetic. I just read your post on blogging and agree 1000%. Sadly, my dad thinks there is something inherently bad about blogging. It's so sad because he is a massive story teller - and he can type. Just think of what he could put down for posterity. Instead of sitting in his chair and watching t.v. I'll have to harp on that with him a little!

Chonda Pierce is a crack-up. I've seen her IRL and would love to see her again. I"ll have to check out her Youtube antics.

K said...

At least you have your cloud! I hope the boiler behaves itself. And that you have a good hot-water bottle meanwhile.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

It's one thing to CHOOSE not to turn on the heart, and another thing entirely to have that choice taken away. Ugh.

Hope it's nothing serious and your dear old boiler is not dead.

Stay warm if you can!

Love and hugs,


Needled Mom said...

Oh Linds, I would certainly freeze to death. Perhaps a good warm bath before the cloud would help. Tuesday is a long way off.

Chris said...

Dear Friend,

I'm beginning to think you should get rid of the cloud. I'm thinking it's a bad thing to have a cloud over you, and from the looks of it your cloud must be black in color.

I'm sure you're at the point where you can say "I give up!" but don't. We're in this together, you and I, hanging on to the bitter end.

Or chocolate, whichever comes first.

Hugs and WARM thoughts!

grammy said...

Crazy problems!! I wondered what happened to your knee to start with. I went back a ways but couldn't find the answer. Take care.

Mary said...

Linds, Linds, Linds!

Are you telling me that you have not dismantled the gas boiler yet?

Where oh where is the fix - it - yourself Linds from the good old days?

Just to rub it in a little may I give you are weather forecast for today? 23 degrees, sunny - perfect.

Enjoy your cloud cuddle.

Linds said...

Hmmmm..... Mary, even I, the queen of the fix it yourself brigade, took one look at the GAS and FLAMES and thought of EXPLOSION and FIRE and DEATH and decided to call the nice man. Beeeeeeautiful boiler....goooooooooooooooooooood boiler.....pat pat.

Janine said...

The weather has gone beserk. We haven't had spring yet - still cold - about 17 degrees - well, cold for CT at this time of the year plus we had the wettest September in 50 years. I blame Al Gore! X