Thursday, October 16, 2008

Repairs and visits...

Well, I didn't get around to posting anything at all yesterday, did I....... I actually drove to the next town, which is 2 miles away. You may cheer at this point. I also managed to walk around Tesco. With a trolley. And bought my son some jeans. And then I drove to the DIY store, to ask about my loo seat which had lasted all of 3 months and then severed all connections with the actual bowl, which is a trifle inconvenient, as one battles not to slide onto the floor at strategic moments. They told me they would exchange it. So I drove home. See???? I live an exciting life.

So, I unscrewed the old seat, washed it thoroughly, and at that point, Jean arrived and said - let's go to Tesco!!! So I, of course, said yes! Let's go! I can push the trolley! And oh, can we go to the DIY store too please?

Anyway, I had a lovely time, pushing the trolley. And collecting the new seat. As I said - I have been cooped up here too long. Never mind that I had, by then, walked the equivalent of a million miles in comparison to normal days, and the leg was letting me know. Very clearly.

The loo seat took on added importance, you see, because today, I had a visit from the school powers-that-be, and human resources people, to assess my state of health/when I go back to work/what is happening etc etc etc. I did not think that sliding off the loo would make a wonderfully good impression.

They came, and it went well, I think, after I showed them the knee in all its glory as they sat down on the couch. It may well have put them off their coffee, which Jean sorted. She was here as my friend, and just happens to be a teacher and an ex-head teacher. So that was good. But that is one hurdle over with at least.

And the loo seat behaved.

But now I am a wreck - totally wiped out. I am spending the weekend with my son and his wife - my friend happens to be going down that way for the weekend, so will drop me there on her way and collect me on her way back, and I will get to see David too. So I can take him all the stuff he left behind. It all works out perfectly.

Maybe I had better go and hunt for the things he wants....


Barb said...

It sounds like it went well with the school authorities - I'm sure one look at your knee told them all they needed to know.

I think I'm only now figuring out that your health care system there is nationalized. Right? I believe I heard something like that when I watched our presidential debate last night.

Boy, that explains a lot. And your awful experience make me hope it never happens in America.

Luanne said...
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Luanne said...

The visual of sliding on the old seat was hilarious. They just don't make things the way they used to. My sister had a wooden seat that cracked and if you sat on it just right it would pinch. Ouch!

I just love reading and figuring out the words that are different than those we use in USA. I'm assuming your trolley is our shopping cart right?

Hope the muscles of your knee get stronger from your busy day.


Sandra said...

I only ever hear the word trolley in South Africa LOL Here in America it's a shopping cart, but I still mess up sometimes and tell the kids to get the trolley and they look at me weird LOL

Linda said...

I'm glad the meeting went well Linds.
It really is wonderful to get out when you've been cooped up for a long time.
Have a wonderful visit!

Janine said...

Have a great family weekend. XX

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Glad you're getting out more, and a new toilet seat is a really good reason to get out of the house. I can just see you going back to your GP with a new injury because you slipped off the loo, LOL!

I really enjoyed our chat yesterday, Linds. Hope we can do it again sometime soon.

Have a great time with your family!

Love and hugs,


someone else said...

It takes so little to entertain some of us. The loo seat story was a wonderful laugh.

Joyful Days said...

Have a lovely weekend of visiting children. Glad the loo seat behaved! Glad the visit was accomplished and went well.



Mary said...

I couldn't help noticing that your in - need -of repair items are changing direction a little. I do believe this is the first repair that did not involve electricity or gas Is this significant in any way?).

Pleased to hear that the school nosy parkers (I mean checkeruparers) were satisfied that you actually had a knee injury.

Enjoy your family visit.


Needled Mom said...

You are going to have such a wonderful weekend and I am so happy for you. You really deserve it.

I am glad that the school meeting went well. I am also happy that Jean was there to support you during the whole ordeal.

A tippy loo seat???? Interesting! Do I hear a good book title?

zztop357 said...

I can just see someone in a hurry to do their business, sliding off the loo. I bet they would get stuck between the loo and the tub!!!! LOL
Sorry, I can just picture it. I hope you have fun this weekend.Nothing better than a visit away from home to bring up your spirits.
God bless, Donna

Crystal said...

Off to visit the kids - it doesn't get any better!! Have fun - be safe - enjoy!!!!!

And what did the school people say? Do you need to fill out more forms to justify your leave? Good luck!!

Dawn said...

I am glad to be back here in touch - and so glad to hear that you've been out and about a bit - and got a new loo seat! And that you get to go see your kids - just lovely.

Have a great week-end!