Thursday, October 09, 2008

I hate hospitals.

I went to the hospital this morning to have the dressings reduced. And I was first. Instead of the nurse in the treatment room I was supposed to see, I was ushered into a cubicle and I saw the Consultant. This is what lodging a complaint with the hospital does.

And you know what he spent 20 minutes telling me? That the arthritis in my knee was wear and tear. That it had nothing to do with the injury. That even though parts of my knee had no evidence of arthritis at all, the damage to my kneecap was extensive. He said that no, I would not be able to walk up and down mountains without pain., That no, I would not be able to crawl round the floor with my grandchildren. That no, they would not be doing anything about the knee, but that I may have some pain syndrome thingy and so would be managing the pain with hefty painkillers. Pain syndrome thing? I think not. I am not imagining anything.

I hate taking medicine. I avoid it as much as possible. He hardly mentioned the medial ligament and the damage to it. He did mention that they had braced the knee for that. I pointed out that that was 7 weeks after the injury. He mentioned something re physio may help something, but no plan. He said come back in 3 weeks to see what is happening with the pain.

He said arthritis was wear and tear. I had done my homework. I said there was also post traumatic arthritis, which happened after an injury. He dismissed that. You can't get such extensive damage so quickly, he says. Hmmmm. I rather think it may be possible if you have no treatment for the injury when it happens. My GP says I have never had any arthritis problems in my knees. I came home, burst into tears had a total meltdown for a while, and called to make an appointment with her this afternoon. I will ask her to arrange for a second opinion.

I have been signed off work for another three weeks. I am thinking I will send in a letter of resignation with the sick note. I am also thinking that I have had enough. Enough of all of it. I just want to go. To be somewhere else. Not here. I am so tired of fighting battles. He says drive if I can control the car. I will go and try in a bit.

So there you have it. Diabolical. How do I keep it from getting worse? I have no idea. The sun may be shining, but I am not happy.


Janine said...

Oh Linds, you poor thing. It seems that nobody is prepared to take any responsibility for the fact that you walked around with an injured knee for ages before anything was really done. A second opinion is definately needed. Hang in there. Lots of love.

Jeana said...

I am so sorry, Linds! That's so discouraging. I hope you find the answers you need soon.

Angie said...

Linds I am so sorry. This is absolutely ridiculous. This is the worst case of someone getting the run-around that I have ever seen. I do hope that sometime soon someone will truly be your advocate and get to the bottom of the problem. How did it go trying to drive?

I am so glad you have heat!

And Grapetizer is my favorite.

Joyful Days said...

Linds, I am so sorry. That consultant needs to have his knee kicked a few times and the put in a holding pattern for as long as you've been.

I know what you mean about avoiding meds.

Hoping you get that second opinion.


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

You have every right to feel's a perfectly human response and I think it's become a godly one, too, considering all the red tape that you've encountered. I wish that you could go "somewhere else." Is it possible? Somewhere where they are specialists in sports injuries or something. I'm just thinking off the top of my head, but it seems like "there" isn't going to be providing any further help. Let's keep it in ongoing prayer!

Gentle hugs, my dear friend. None of this takes God by surprise and He is unruffled by that dimwit (now is it kind or necessary for me to call names? ;D) assessment of your injury.

Barb said...

Based on the experience you've had in hospitals, I can certainly understand why you hate them.

I'm still having a hard time believing this whole process. It's inexcusable that you never got the right diagnosis and the right treatment, immediately after this happened. Everyone knows, walking around on an injury only makes it worse. You'd think doctors know this!

I'm praying you see someone who actually has heart, for this second opinion. Your journey has greatly reduced my opinion of the whole medical profession where you live.

There's just no understanding this.

Crystal said...

Oh, my friend - that is so discouraging. I agree totally that a second opinion is necessary. I'm not sure if this is an option but what about a homeopathic doctor? Might there be some help that way?

I think I understand your feelings about work but consider that letter for a day or two before you send it off. Are there any reasons (eg. medical benefits, long term disability, etc.) to not resign? Just a thought - you will likely have already considered this.

If at all possible, you must be able to hike the mountains and get down on the floor with your granddaughter! And with God all things are possible - yeah!!!!!!!!!!

((( HUGS )))

Chris said...

OK, that's it. You're coming to America and seeing an orthopedic man.

Final. End of story.

Get your house sold, Sis. Get on out of there and get some REAL help.

Snarl, consultants. Grrrr hospitals.

Mary said...

What can possibly be said that hasn't been said by yourself or your blogging friends. Except perhaps some harsher comments - the others have been way too polite . This is absolute bull sh.... (sorry but it needs to be expressed). Tell them all to go jump in a murky creek. Go to your local MP or T.V station - kick up a fuss - name names - DESTROY -. Take time to have a great big hissy fit. Scream, rant, rave.

Send me their address and I'll get in touch with some of my long lost mafia connections and we'll scare them into treating you with some respect and dignity.

What else?

I'll think of something.. keep you posted!

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Is there any place near you that treats sports injuries? They deal with traumatic leg and knee injuries all the time, much more than the common GP and even everyday orthopaedic specialists.

If you could possibly be referred to a clinic like that, I think you'd get much better diagnosis and treatment.

I know you're just overwhelmed with anger, uncertainty and all the run around they've given you. My sympathies, dear heart, and I do hope you get some answers and some satisfaction, and soon.

Love and hugs,


grammy said...

Sorry to hear about the crazy Dr. appointment. Thanks for the info on the apple drink. I should be able to find it (:

Dawn said...

I'm angry too. I cannot believe this! I'm with the person who said you're coming to America - we have a wonderful ortho clinic right down the street. You can stay with me as long as necessary!

Linda said...

I am just at a loss for words Linds! The whole thing is just too much. It is so frustrating to feel helpless to change things. A trip to America sounds like just the thing. Although I think you'd better act quickly - before the election (but that's a whole other post).
I will just keep on praying. Kelli has had some good news, and now we just need to get you some too.

txmomx6 said...

Oh Linds .... this sucks!
You can come and visit me to get away! I'm sure staying in this zoo would be a distraction .... for at least a little while.
Praying ....... and sending hugs.

Olson Family said...

Or if were possible to go to Switz. to your sister's - she's close to many Ortho. specialists. But it comes down to $$$ to. None of the answers are easy or a quick fix are they?
I'm praying for you - have hope - get the 2nd opinion - I hope you hear better news soon.

Judith said...

Linds, That nincompoop sounded like some of the politicians I've heard lately. What qualifies him to diagnose you anyway? Absolutely, get a second opinion, but talk with the parliamentary person again.
Plastering the problem all over the news media gets quick results here, that, and having your attorney call them. Medical care there is neglecting you. When they lose the case, they will have to pay your attorney fees.

I am praying for you, praying you stand up to them.

At A Hen's Pace said...


Oh my....I am praying for wisdom for you, to know what to believe and how to move forward in regards to your job as well as the knee. And for a more helpful medical professional to give you some encouragement!!!