Sunday, October 05, 2008

Recapping the knee(cap) - hahahahaha!

I was reading through the comments on yesterday's post, and one of them made me pause and just realise how ridiculous this knee thing is. The comment said something about not being able to find out what had happened to the knee in the posts she had read.


Those of you who are regular readers will understand WHY the knee thing is so ridiculous. 15 weeks and 2 days ago, I turned swiftly, while teaching my class at school and my feet stayed in one place and the body did not. So the knee paid the price.

And today I know just about as much as I did then. I have STILL not had the consultant sit down and tell me exactly what is wrong with it, or what the treatment plan is. Hospitals, doctors, physio, Consultant (once), MRI, registrars, arthroscopy....... and no-one has told me anything. I looked at my hospital notes, and it says something about Grade ii, iii, and iv damage to the bones. Medial ligament scarring. The back of the patella is too damaged for a tubigrip bandage. I have no idea whether I should be exercising or not. No idea if I am damaging it more or not.

So on Thursday, which will be 16 weeks after the damage was done, I go back to the clinic to have the dressing reduced. Apparently, I can ask the nurse questions then. However, as I pointed out to the person on the phone, the nurse will NOT HAVE BEEN AT THE OP and so will not know what happened. True, she said. And I will see the Consultant 4 weeks later. That would be 20 weeks after I damaged the knee, and still no treatment plan, or diagnosis that I know of.

If you read through this, you will just see how ludicrous the whole thing is. I can hardly walk at the moment, and have been stuck in the house since 20 June. I can't drive. Cancelled holiday plans, have to depend on my wonderful friends to take me everywhere. I have to bath with my knee dangling over the edge - you have NO idea......And my GP (doctor) is absolutely certain that all damage to the knee has happened as a result of the injury or subsequently. There was nothing wrong with it before. She says it is possible that when I did the damage, the patella was displaced, and it may have gone back not quite in the right place, which could have done all the damage to the bones.

And yet I still know nothing.

Before you start thinking I am in a spiral, my friends, I am not. It just brought home how ludicrous it all was, when I read that very innocent question re what I had done to my knee. In fact, the whole thing is so ridiculous, that you have to laugh. So that is it in a nutshell. "The Knee Story". Maybe I should be asking you all to guess a date when this will be over. There will be prizes. I am magnanimous - up to 2010 seems reasonable to me.


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

When you recap it all like that (and I have been following along since well before "the incident") it really is absurd. I continually pray that the Lord will turn this mess around since that's what He promises to do and before 2010 would be lovely.

Anonymous said...

Oh I am sorry for your injury! I am glad you explained, because I am a new reader who was digging through trying to find out what had ahppened... I will be hopeful and guess a date before the end of 2008, ok?

Crystal said...

My immediate response to the 20 weeks was "that's almost half a year!!" When you put it that way, it's incredible that this is dragging on. At this rate, I'm not optimistic that 2008 will see the end of the knee story. My sister's mantra is "this too shall pass" - I pray that this injury will heal completely and God will give you all the patience you need. ((( HUGS )))

Barb said...

Well, I've been a regular reader for ages, and even I was having a hard time following this journey.

When you recap it like this (LOVE the title of this post, by the way), it becomes very clear how completely ridiculous this is. I don't care what kind of health care a country offers its people - and I don't care how overburdened they are - four months is completely inexcusable, especially when it's keeping you homebound and unable to go to work.

There's just no excuse and I admire you that you haven't gone completely crazy over this.

I'd already be comitted somewhere and then the country could be paying for my care that way. Hmmmph!

Needled Mom said...

My continued sympathies, Linds (and I have followed the story). It just seems impossible that you still have no answers.

Isabelle said...

I left a comment a minute ago and it doesn't seem to have worked. So sorry if this appears twice in the end.

All I was saying was that you should come to Edinburgh, where in my experience doctors tell one things in graphic detail; often, to be honest, in more detail than a squeamish person wants to hear.

But it must be very trying for you. Much sympathy from me too.

Bethel of Bethania said...

G'day Linds,
I've popped on by via Isabelle's blog ... sorry to hear of your great painfull knee - but I must say that the doctor farternity is the same world-wide ... the big secret is - 'don't tell the patient what the problem is' & I reckon that is because half the time they don't know the answer themselves ... how absolutely frustrating for you. Best of luck with it all on Thurs.
I can sympathise with you as I have knee problems too but hopefully yours will get better mine is the old 'arthur' so not too much hope there ... OOroo ... Bethel of Bethania

Morning Glory said...

It just doesn't seem possible that it has been that long. I'm so sorry for the run-around you have been given, and I hope the damage during all this time is not permanent. Once again, I wish I were there so that I could help you.

At A Hen's Pace said...

LOOOVVVE your title! That says it all.

I am so sorry that you are no nearer knowing what is really going on. :(

But how great that you can laugh at the situation!



grammy said...

I asked the crazy question...for some of us. Sorry for the mess you are in. I think I am all the more thankful for healthcare in the USA. I don't understand why they don't want to help you. My husband has had 5 knee surgeries. All scooped. This last one was taking forever to grt better. He went to therapy and that helped a lot. He is still doing exercises. I think if you did have the scope, it will take a little time. Do tou have 3 places where they sticthed you up? After that heals, I would think about going to a pool to walk etc. just to start loosing up...googel it...see if you can get some info...sounds more likely than your DR. as far as being helpful. Good luck.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

I suppose it IS better to laugh rather than cry, but still, enough is enough, Linds. I think another hissy fit is in order. Now you just need to determine exactly whom needs to be the recipient of said hissy fit.

Happy new week, my leg-dangling-over-the-side-of-the-tub-friend. ;o)

Love and hugs,


Mary said...

Ten dollars on November 19th 2008, please!

Angie said...

Your ridiculous story sounds like something that should happen down here on this continent, in the third world....not up there in the first! I'm praying for resolution and closure.