Friday, November 10, 2006

Blankets and other stuff

Just look at Mum's handiwork. She hates having nothing to do with her hands, so she has crocheted all these from her left over wool. Well, it is left over from other blankets, actually. I have them in every room, and over a duvet, they are the warmest thing around. All the kids away at uni seem to have her blankets too, and they love the bright colours, and now she has made small ones for kiddies, or knee rugs. They are bright and cheerful, and given the astronomical price of domestic fuel here, an essential if we are all to remain solvent. We will sit with our blankets and hats and scarves, (also knitted by mother) and ward off the freezing cold in winter.

The weekend is here, David is at youth club, and it is raining, and I want to spray the varnish on the last lot of tags, and can't till it is dry outside. This is where I could do with a garage, or shed I could actually get in to. Oh well, they will be finished tonight. I have nothing much to say today really. I have worked on the wooden things all day. And had a visit from Julia and coffee with Liz. That was it.


Katherine said...

I love my blanket. It's pink and green and lives on the hammock in our lounge. Morgan the dog likes it too.


Linds said...

Morgan the flying dog. Of course! And I am glad you love it. You may need one for Washington too I feel.