Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My loft

Is like the Okeyfinokey swamp. Things go up there and are never seen again. I have been up there all morning, with rising blood pressure, boxes everywhere and absolutely NO sign of the 72 place settings of cutlery I bought for party use. This is seriously cheap Ikea stuff, I hasten to add. (You in the States have no idea how wonderful Ikea is but I see it is about to arrive. Make sure you visit your nearest one, and you will see what I mean.)

Back to the cutlery. It is somewhere. I have turned out every cupboard in the house. The house now looks like the FBI have just swept through on a mission. My hair looks like I have been in a tornado, and my temper is fraying. I am so good at finding places to store bits that I have outdone myself this time and the cutlery will no doubt reappear in an archeological dig in 1000 years. This is most inconvenient. I need it for Saturday. Shriek. I wonder if we could eat dessert with fingers???? Maybe not.

Note to self: Get into that loft, empty it, and NEVER put back anything again. Unless it is essential, and labelled in a box with the label FACING the crawlspace I would be in.

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