Saturday, November 04, 2006

Bonfire night

Tonight was the village bonfire night. Fireworks have been going off all evening. Dogs howling too. Guy Fawkes is actually tomorrow, but bonfire night is usually the nearest Saturday night to the 5th November. The procession of villagers sets off from the bottom of the village, and everyone walks with torch light, to the field where the bonfire is lit, pushing the guys along. This is away from the village. A long way away. For a very good reason. Some years ago, bonfire night and the firework display used to be on the Rec (recreation ground) in the centre of the village. The firemen lit the fireworks in a safe manner of course. Health and safety and all that. Then one year, someone forgot to close the case of fireworks waiting to be lit, and the first one landed in it, setting off the firework display to end all firework displays. Everyone was so busy ooohing and ahhhing, that they did not see said firemen diving for cover in the moat round the church. They did however comment on the short if splendid display. Yes well. So now it is a hike away. And it is freezing tonight.

Andrew and Ann are here, and they and David went down to the display. Mother and I stayed home in the warmth. Tomorrow night, the babes are having a mini fireworks night in the garden so I will go and join them for that. And to be honest, sparklers are always the best part, and I love seeing the babes having fun. So Happy Guy Fawkes!

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ah memories!