Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Yesterday was autopsy explanation day. I had a headache from when I got out of bed, and it was still there when I climbed back in. After an hour of talking to our GP, we never did get around to the actual explanations, and the patient list was running 45 mins late (because of me) so I read it, and wrote down the questions I had for her, and left. I have to say I kept wanting to correct the grammar in the report, but decided that was not wise. Or appropriate. It is a sign of my age though.
So I came home, and started googling complicated medical terms to try and understand what the man was on about. I am getting very good at this. But the brain is fried.

Did I mention the great search for a heart for my son's biology practical? I had to go looking on Monday for a heart for him to dissect. At the butcher, and in the end, at the supermarket. Not the best timing in the world, and there were a few iffy moments when I looked at them. I was not happy they were in the fridge either. In a bag. Wrapped up. But he had a great time dissecting away apparently, and when he came home, and saw what I was looking up, he reeled off more info than the computer had about aortic bits. I gave up then, and went to watch TV.

And it is cold. The winds are from the Arctic for the next few days, and the heating is very definitely on. I want a fireplace. With a real fire.

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