Thursday, November 30, 2006

Crazy day

It has been one of those days. I even completely mixed up times at work, and forgot tea break until I stood there wondering where on earth the children were, and realised I was an idiot. Sigh. I seem to have been moving at the speed of light all day. The inspectors have been and gone, and hooray, the school is OUT of special measures, so that is a dramatic improvement. Tomorrow will be celebration time.
Then I came home, and managed to have a coffee and chat to Mum for a few minutes, before I had to go and collect the new allotment key, pay the annual rent for the allotment, which is all of £5.00. Yes. FIVE pounds for a year. And go and feed Louise's cat. Then to David's school in the next town, about 12 miles away in rush hour traffic for the parent teacher conference. 3 teachers in 15 mins. Then home in more foul traffic to drop the car, and throw myself into Jean's car which had already been packed with the craft fair things in it, and go and do her school craft fair. Home at 10 and I am ready for bed. I don't think I sat down after 8am. I need to relax in a nice hot bath. One more book could well be about to be drowned.

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Barbara said...

Well Lindsay I have just read your life through the whole of 2006. Fascinating. Wanted to get to know you a little better.

Those quilts now clever you are.

I too am Sunrise - what do you know.