Saturday, November 25, 2006

Odds and ends

Today it was 16 degrees in Engelberg. Nothing wrong with that???? Well yes, there is. Engelberg is high in the Swiss alps, and the ski season started today. It is nearly December. In 3 weeks time, the ski jumping world cup is in town, as it is annually, and it is too hot to snow, or even make artifical snow. This is not good. According to our papers, Austria and Switzerland have a real problem with the warm weather and lack of snow and the ski season starting. And the next 3 days are all due to be 13 degrees or higher.

I did another craft fair today, which was fun, although the weather was so diabolical that few ventured out. Torrential rain then wind then more rain. Now, of course, there are clear skies. It is the middle of the night.

Bekah is reading beautifully. I babysat for the babes tonight, and she read me her school books. How did that happen?? She is growing up too quickly.

And something is giving me pause for thought. From when I was young (many moons ago) I have always said I would never teach. Had no desire to teach. Would do anything except teach. Didn't want to teach. It has always been the ONLY thing I would never consider. I always acknowledged that I would probably be a very good teacher. But me? Teach? No way. So why do I hear this faint laughter in the back of my mind? Am I imagining it? I have this vision of God rolling around, clutching his sides laughing, and saying...."Finally, finally, after 31 years, she realises what she was meant to do". Hmmmmm. I am not ready to admit anything yet. How long was Moses in the desert? 40 years. I am not there yet. My head hurts just thinking about it.


Morning Glory said...

Oh it sounds like the old "never say never" syndrome. You sound intrigued by the idea in spite of yourself. :)

Peggy said...

Linds. I am so excited for you, sounds like you have a job that you can really enjoy.....Isn't God so good, he has probably been preparing you for telling what he has in store for you! Let us know how everything goes, and don't leave anything out.