Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Books (and other bits)

Barb has a book thing on her blog today and as everyone know how much I love reading, I thought I would do it too. (with apologies for the paraphrasing)
  1. Where do you buy your books? Online, secondhand or from Big name stores?Anywhere and everywhere, but I do like to browse and touch the books and read the backs, so I prefer real shops.
  2. If you buy on line, which do you prefer - Amazon, B&N or Christian stores online? Amazon. Never heard of the B&N one. England has other shops.
  3. Do you put your name in your books? If so, bookplate or stamp? Usually, I write my name, the year and place I am living in it.
  4. How do you feel re loaning your books to others? No problem lending them. I am quite happy to lend any to friends if they want to borrow them
  5. Do you ever highlight or mark your books? Not usually, unless the book is educational
  6. How often do you visit your local library? Not for a long time. I will be though. Soon. (Guilt)
  7. Do you collect any certain kind of books? No. I have a collection of craft books, but they are older now. I buy the authors I love, and I love biographies. Any books. I have far too many. My mother always said you could never be lonely if you had a book to read.
  8. What do you do with a book you no longer want? I give them away, take them to the bookbank or throw them into the recycling bin (if they are drowned ones...see no.10)
  9. Do you list or catalogue your books? You have got to be joking.
  10. Any other weird habits you would like to share? I am uncomfortable in homes where I can't see books anywhere. I read in the bath (and drown books regularly), and when I travel, I have to have enough books with me to last a millennium, just in case. i always need to know i have books waiting to be read in a pile somewhere. I am weird like that!

Other bits........

I emailed my Christmas newsletter (the one daughter made look so classy and professional ) to our friends and family yesterday, and I am really glad I did it now. I have had some lovely responses to it, but reading them closer to Christmas would not have been the best of ideas. So the timing was right. Christmas lights are starting to go up around the village now, and I imagine this weekend will see a lot more going on display. It is still so warm, though, and it feels weird to not be wearing jackets and coats at the end of November.

The inspectors arrive at the school tomorrow, and today was just crazy, especially as the intranet crashed, and none of the teachers could access their lesson plans etc. And there is a real possibility that no school computers will work tomorrow, which should make lessons somewhat... er... "interesting", shall we say. Now, when I think that when I started school, we still had pens with nibs, and inkwells and blotting paper........... chalk and blackboards and dusters and knuckles rapped by rulers......... and slide rules and log books..... I realise I am talking a totally foreign language here of course, but somewhere out there there has to be SOMEONE who also remembers all these things!


Morning Glory said...

I remember, I remember. There are actually so many things that are more efficiently done manually. Can you imagine calling of a school day because the teachers couldn't get into their lesson plans? (chuckle, chuckle)

Yes, I've drowned a book or two myself....

Anonymous said...

I've drowned mor than my fair share too, I like the idea of writing the date and where you were living in the book. A neat touch to add.

Ok, I remember most of those things. One of my classrooms had desks with the inkwell holders but we didn't use them... :)

Barb said...

Your drowned books cracked me up. I've drowned a few books, too. I'm with you. A home without books in it seems very strange and bleak to me. I can't imagine not having books everywhere.

Your casual remark about getting your Mum to Switzerland amazes me. I forget that traveling to other countries doesn't involve flying over oceans for you.

You did a nice job on the book poll and I really admire your generous attitude about loaning books. I'm not so nice as you.