Thursday, November 23, 2006

A UK Thanksgiving

Well, I am having my own little thanksgiving party. That is me, coffee and chocolate. Today I went for an interview and got the job, and I start tomorrow. No letting the grass grow under my feet in any way here. I cannot tell you how many application forms I have filled in and sent off, and how few even bother to acknowledge your application or send an email to say you did not get the job. BUT...... I have a job. I am indeed thankful, and it is a case of right time, and right place. And right friends.

I will be working in a local secondary school, and have no idea what I will actually be doing. That sounds quite bizarre, but that is because they have a number of posts going, and want to see which is best suited to my skills. So they will be trying me out in different places I think. I will expound more when I have an idea myself. Learning support, learning mentor, then there is the fact that I have a degree in history, and can sew and do carpentry, and they are short of textile teachers and DT staff, so heaven knows. Probably a bit of each. And I like kids.

This week, I decided to stop worrying about finding a job, pray and leave it to God to sort, and then walk through the door that opened first. This is the door. I am walking through it. So I am on an adventure. And the best is that I get to have the school holidays to spend with my son, and that is very important at the moment. He won't be home for many more years. Just one and a half now before he is off to uni.

So, today I am truely thankful for:
  1. A job that challenges me
  2. An income
  3. The support of friends and family
  4. Encouragement
  5. A God who has great plans for me and whose timing is always perfect


Morning Glory said...

Congratulations! What a wonderful bit of news. Be sure and let us know what all it turns out to be.

thebluefish said...


Anonymous said...

Esther (diana's friend)
Congratulations. Hope your first day went well.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

I never knew that you were a Mom of all cool!!!

Oh, and to answer question from two posts below this one or so, we generally do a beef prime-rib roast for Christmas dinner. None of us really like ham which some others in our families do but I couldn't deal with two turkeys in as many months either. Especially today when it looks as if we'll be eating this one for that long!!!