Friday, November 24, 2006

Day 1

Starting a new job on a Friday is an excellent idea. You have the weekend to recover! It is, at least, better than waiting for the new week to arrive and worrying. I had a good day. The people I am working with are lovely, and I really enjoyed my day, bewildering though it might have been. The school is being inspected next week, so everybody is focussing on that, but I told them I require L plates to wear for those days. I do not need any inspector thinking I know what I am doing after only a couple of days!

This week I am fairly certain I will be in the textile and woodwork departments, as that is where there is the greatest need for extra help, and I had a ball in a carpentry lesson today. Once the boys realised that I actually knew how to use a saw, and to help get their lines straight, I was away. The time flew by. And I had fun!

So I survived the first day of orientation, and induction etc. And I am not running screaming for the hills just yet. And I am looking forward to Monday, so that is good. It certainly won't be boring. And thanks so much for all the lovely messages I have received. It is so good to know that people care.


Unknown said...

and u can keep an eye out for my sis.

Linds said...

She already found me! I heard my name being called as I walked to another building and she was in hot pursuit. Wonderful to see her and be working with her possibly. She is lovely. See, lots of good things happening.

Unknown said...