Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Fun is a ball of wool

Do you know how much fun you can have with a ball of wool when you are 3 and a half? It kept the twins happy for at least an hour. They wound it round the house, themselves, the furniture and then deposited an end with Granny, and she wound it up again. Then repeat the whole process. Again. And again. The shrieks of delight were deafening. The Andrex puppy can't compete. And we taught Bekah how to knit too. Even more excitement. She is 5. I am not sure exactly what it is she is knitting, but it is going to be perfect. Jackie needed a crash course in knitting at the same time! Just so she can help B of course.

I am wondering how the US elections are going, and no doubt there will be blanket coverage tomorrow morning on the news. We discussed it at house group tonight. I have just read God's Politics by Jim Wallis, and it is a fascinating book. The misuse of "religion" to justify political decisions is more prevalent throughout the world today, and it is something we all have to challenge wherever we are.

An uneventful day really, except for the little ones' visit. Hairdresser for Mum, more letters and paperwork and phone calls for me. Grey skies and cold winds, and I assembled a quilt as well. Ordinary day. And 4 months today since Geoff died.


Tammy said...

Isn't it funny what will entertain children?
I'll just be glad when the election adds are off my TV...there was an awful lot of mud slinging on both sides of the policitcal arena! It got tiresome!

Morning Glory said...

Bless you.

momteacherfriend said...

My first day of blogging my then 4 year old got ahold of a ball of yarn. He turned our home into one gigantic spider web. Great fun.