Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I officially dislike Amazon. As of today I intensely dislike Amazon. I decided to order some books as I had a gift voucher, (thank you, number one son!) and made sure all the books were in stock and coming just from Amazon, not their sellers. Hah. Then I get an email saying dispatch date is the middle of January. January?? I don't think so. So I emailed them. That in itself is an epic to try and find their customer service email. They sent one back saying no, it is out of stock. I check. It is still in stock on the website, so I called their number thingy.I think I was talking to India again, which does not thrill me greatly.I hate call centres. Yes, she says it looks like it is in stock hold the line. No Madam, it is not in stock, hold the line. Then we go through the cancellation process on line, hold the line, and I wanted to check if the gift certificate still had the correct amount in. Hold the line. This was like asking a fish to talk. She had no idea what I was talking about, and I could feel the blood pressure rising. Mine. 20 minutes of this while i am holding the line. And I am trying to have a calm and serene day. I am failing.

I do realise that in the greater scheme of things this is trivial beyond belief. I know that. I don't care. I need coffee. And chocolate.


Tammy said...

Well when you want something you want it...hehe!!
Coffee & Chocolate will cure all evils!!

momteacherfriend said...

I had no idea what Italian dressing and water spewing would look like until last night. Butternut Squash Soup....disasterous. Can you laugh about it now?

momteacherfriend said...

You have me most curious. I have a picture in my head of what that would look like. I would enjoy, the rest of the story as well as a picture if you have any.

Have a great day!