Wednesday, November 29, 2006


We have survived day one of the inspectors, though not without incident. Purely by accident, one managed to be drenched by a malfunctioning tap in a lesson, and left at top speed, unimpressed. Oops. I wasn't in that class, but the girls reporting the event were a little shell-shocked. But then, we all know accidents happen. Wrong day and wrong time and wrong place. A well developed sense of humour might have helped a bit.

Go and read Mel's Missing : Baby Jesus post. I was rolling around here. She has a wonderful way with words, and I guarantee you will howl with laughter too!

I am running so far behind at home at the moment...... I need to get sorted and try to restore some order to the tip, and hopefully this weekend will get some things done. And I must get out the Christmas stuff too, though that may have to wait till next week. Ummmm, this weekend , I have just realised is not blank in the diary. It is packed. In fact, most of December looks the same. And I still have to get Mum to Switzerland for Christmas with Marge sometime. Anyone know how to multiply oneself? Cloning...... but that would take too long. So WHAT am I doing on the computer when there is so much to do???

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Barb said...

I'm asking myself exactly the same questions. I've just fallen so far behind on all my favorite blogs I'm spending a whole day in this office catching up. Tomorrow I will be more productive!