Monday, November 27, 2006

Challenges are good

I am here. I am still sane. I am still happy to go to work in the morning, even though today was trial by fire really. Today I met the class from hell. Or rather, a "challenging bunch of kids" with multiple problems. Domino effect in action. I spent the greater part of the day trying to help where I could, while at the same time trying to work out alternative forms of teaching which might possibly reach kids like these in my head. (An academic conundrum for me). This is not part of my job description, I hasten to add, but there has to be a way to connect with them that works.

The people I am working with are lovely, and are all so determined to make a difference, and there is a lot of laughter and support among the staff, which is good. I am just wondering how long it takes to become frustrated, disillusioned and to want to give up trying. Maybe I have a naive attitude to it all at the moment, but I look at these 13 year olds, and wonder what on earth lies ahead for them. They don't care. Thank God, there are people out there who do.

Somehow Mum managed to trip the electricity to all the plugs in the house while I was out, and didn't know how to get it back on, so had to wait till I got home this afternoon. She has now had a lesson, and has the phone numbers of people around to help if it happens again. In a way, she is the one whose life is changing the most, as I am not around the house during the day any more, but she always manages to keep busy.


Morning Glory said...

Well, I for one, admire your willingness and ability to work around young people that age. Teenagers are so challenging these days and I'm not sure I could do it very well.

I'm happy you have nice people to work with.

Anonymous said...

Having the "expertise" of having a 13 and 15 year old, I can only wonder at those who would willingly subject themselves to that on a daily basis. My hat is off to you!

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