Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wonderful documentary

I have just watched the Young at heart Chorus documentary filmed by a British company on Channel 4. This is an American choir, or chorus, made up of men and women whose average age is 80, who love to sing, but not Gershwin or golden oldies, but ROCK! They are absolutely wonderful. They tour the world. Check the website out, and get to see them if you can, and I guarantee you will never moan that you feel old or tired again. I also want to prance across a stage singing rock hits when I am 80 odd. I feel it is the least I can do, and as some kids said after a concert, they look like they are all having fun. That is just the way it should be. And when they sang in a jail, the inmates (all young men) were blown away too.

Right then. That is settled. I will become a rock star when I am 80. I have decided. And I think we could start practicing now. I never had any intention of aging according to the rules. I am making them up as I go along. And I can get to tour the world too. Who needs knitting and afternoon naps.


Morning Glory said...

Well, sign me up for a duet together. I'll work on the rock star image, too!

Linds said...

Morning Glory, I knew we were kindred spirits!

Anonymous said...

That documentary sounds great. I can't wait to see it. I saw another really fantastic film about the Young at Heart Chorus a few years ago. It was very touching and beautifully-done. If you enjoy this film or fall in love with the Chorus and want to see more, definitely check out Forever Young at Heart: The Earlier Years at!