Monday, November 20, 2006


The hall looked lovely for Nicky's party, and all the candles flickering made it really special. On Friday Bob and I went to sort out the tables and set up everything with Jackie, Simon and the babes to help. Bekah counted out all the cutlery and was a great help, while the twins did some "circuit training" around the hall! On Saturday I got there early to do the finishing touches and light all the candles so it was perfect by the time Nicky arrived, and I was really pleased with the end result. Everyone thought it looked wonderful which was lovely. So we had a great evening and Nicky celebrated her half century in style. At one stage most of the book club girls were on the dance floor while their husbands sat at the tables looking on....... what is it with men and dancing??? The girls love it. Men don't. But it was good. We had fun anyway! It was also good to catch up with other friends we don't see often enough. By the time the clean up was over, it was after 1am, so I just fell into bed. Yesterday morning was really amusing. My phone started beeping with messages early, and everyone was lying in their beds sending text messages re the party. The thought of all those bodies half asleep all over the village sending messages was hysterical. I had no glasses on so heaven knows what I was actually saying.

The babes, their parents and Jean popped in in the afternoon for tea. They must have smelled the cake I just happened to have! David became the babes "toy" and spent much time under a blanket being a monster to their endless amusement. He was heroic, and never complained when little ones launched themselves at him. And last night I fell asleep on my bed at 7 and slept for 13 hours. Ahhhhh, I am getting old. Groan.

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