Sunday, November 12, 2006

Remembrance Sunday

It is Remembrance Sunday and today we watched the ceremony at the Cenotaph on TV.

So many people. So many stories. So many straight backs, and proud heads. So many tears and so many ages. So many reasons to give so many thanks for so many lives.

If only the wars could stop. And the killing end.

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Barb said...

Hello Linds,

I just had to come over here and check out your blog. It always amazes me how people all over the world can connect with each other this way.

I'll bet you hear this all the time but I love the way you call your mother Mum. I've been reading through of your posts and you make me smile.

I do wish I hadn't read the little adventure with the pressure cooker. I'm terrified of them and that's the reason I never can. But a blogging friend recently sent me instructions for canning without the pressure cooker so now I look forward to learning.

Thank you for saying such nice things about my blog and I'm glad you enjoyed Josh Groban. He and Il Divo are some of my very favorites. Such beautiful voices.

I plan to visit you again soon. Some of the expressions you use are so sweet. I'll bet you thing we Americans say things in some pretty funny ways, too, right?