Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Autumn is not far off...

I do like the new computer chair. It has wheels and goes round in circles. Yes, I am 54, not 4, I know. But it is fun! Small things amuse..... etc etc.

The footstool is also a delight. Getting up from the combined couch and footstool is a somewhat less than elegant vision, but who cares. It has been windy, cold and decidedly autumnal here for the past 2 days, and I have been sitting there in state, complete with a blanket and heated wheatbag for my feet. All that is missing is the zimmer frame and slippers. And knitting. I have books to read and the phone next to me, and I am all set. Don't know what for, mind you. Senility?

The allotment has been producing potatoes, beetroot and courgettes, and my beans are doing really well. I have plenty to pick and the tomatoes are coming on as well. The cherry ones are ripe and eaten, and the others are big but still green. Plenty of lettuce too. Sigh. I love eating food I have grown. I need to plan for more next year.

The pound is falling by the day, and the British economy is not looking at all healthy, and the government is trying various ways to prop it up, but everyone is feeling the pinch. Did you know that in the 1929 depression, the banks in America were closed for 100 days? Can you just imagine what would happen today if the same thing was to happen? No access to money for 100 days. Could we cope? Survive?

One of the things our government was not happy to have leaked recently, was a document detailing the potential for a rise in crime if the country goes into full blown recession. Mind you, a recession is technically 2 quarters of negative growth, so I am assuming we actually are in recession. The potential for a huge increase in fraud, and computer/internet crime was discussed. Pawnbrokers are apparently reporting booming business too. Unemployment is on the increase, as are house repossessions. People are struggling. There are a lot of homes for sale around here.

I don't know how I got onto this subject. Growing food. That was it. We will not starve. We have beans. I must remember to plant cucumber seeds next year. I have no idea how I missed that one this summer. And strawberries would be good too.

Right. I am off to make pesto pasta and salad from the garden for supper. Frugal food is good. The weather in the coming days promises to be diabolical, with the tail end of your hurricanes heading this way, so maybe tomorrow I will make soup. Autumn must be here.


Judith said...

Linds, I am praying for our countries. In the meantime it's a big decision, soup? or chilie for supper, and I must at least go look at the new school supplies.
Thank you for reminding me of the things I love about autumn.

Crystal said...

The economy is in chaos everywhere. Alberta is so resource dependent that the price of oil makes or breaks us. Most people here are noticing the higher costs of food and fuel but still have incomes. However for a province with a very large surplus in the coffers we have an alarming number of people, including children, living in poverty. And money for education and health care is constantly under attack.

Interesting to think of banks being closed for 100 days. The bank machine is a must-have for most of us

. You always find interesting things to think about :)

Dawn said...

I had to check in with you to see how the Dell-emma was going. Glad to see there is a bit of progress - now I hope they acknowledge the return properly!

Are you getting out to the garden and picking the goods? I hope someone else is doing it for you.

We are having very cool mornings - it just switched to fall in a heartbeat!

Linda said...

I envy you your garden Linds, but with my lack of gardening skills I don't think we would do very well trying to live off the produce:-) Fall is still a long way off for us, and its about this time of year I start thinking, "Enough of summer already."
I'm so sorry about the computer. I've crossed Dell off my list for future lap top computers. Now I am at a loss as to which one really is best. I will stay tuned.

Gillie said...

Small things (the chair) if it gives us a giggle that's good! We grew a few things this year and are definitely doing more next year, very satisfying! Wish I was coming over for the pesto pasta!
hugs, gillie

meggie said...

So glad you are getting pleasure out of your chair.
You need something, after DellHell.

Our Spring is beginning in windy nippy nastiness, with sneaky showers, & sleet!

Mary said...

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

I was thinking -if I could not access my money for 100 days I would probably save.Unfortunately, if there is a dollar in my purse I feel a great need to give it to some corporate body.

Confession - I ended up having ice cream after my walk. Tomorrow is another day.

Susie said...

Hi Linds,
I like Dawn's word "Dell-emma" although I'm not surprised at the number of hits on Dell h*ll. I feel so bad for your son. Maybe a nice laptop will go on sale for the amount of the refund..
Glad your garden is producing. Ours is nearly done, but we're just having blazing heat here. Leaves are falling, but I think it's from heat exhaustion..

Chris said...

You know, were I not so very lazy, I could have a nice garden and feed my poor, starving bairns and husband from it.

But then again, that would require WORK on my part, and that's just not in my vocabulary. SHOPPING is. However, with the state of the economy here, it may not be for much longer!

Chris said...

Oh, and do enjoy the toe-MAH-toes, m'dear. We're still enjoying our toe-MAY-toes.

(devlish grin) ;>)

Joyful Days said...

I would really love to have a garden. 100 days without access to a bank. That is really something to ponder, especially with the quick drop in temperature here lately. Global warming...ummm not here.