Friday, September 26, 2008

I am alive


I am back. I got there at noon, and only had the arthroscopy at 5.15pm, woke up at 7 and came home at 10. Well, home to my friends' place, because you have to have someone with you for 24 hours after the op. It is not 24 hours yet, but hey, I am fine.

I didn't see any doctors. They are mythical beings who flit in and out of the shadows. The sister and I read my notes, and from what we can make out from the diabolocal hand writing, they did the scope and washed it out. There is Grade II, III and some Grade IV damage to the bones. I have no idea what that means. But believe me, it all started with the injury, because my knee has always been perfectly normal, and the other one is fine too.

I have to keep the enormous bandage on for 2 weeks and then go back to the clinic to have it resized. Whatever that means too. And I have no idea what to do when it starts slipping, which it appears to be doing today. Hmmmm. I may ring the sister later.

Anyway. It is done. Whatever done is. And then I was taken to see my MP this morning, who was unsurprised about the speed of the arthroscopy once they knew I was seeing him. But what happens to people who are not seeing Members of Parliament? He is writing to them about the 14 weeks of knee debacle, and they have to respond to him by law, so I should get a response too. We also discussed other things.

And then I came home. I am now going to flop on the couch and do absolutely nothing. Thanks so much for all your prayers and lovely messages. You are wonderful.

PS: Just been back to the fracture clinic to have the bandage redone. Apparently there is "too much damage to the patella for a tubi-grip" . How nice to know.


Susan said...

Glad to hear it is done and you are save with a friend.

Janine said...

Glad to hear that you are alive and kicking!!

Dawn said...

Well, thank the Lord that piece of the puzzle has been done - but it is outrageous that no doctor had the decency to check in at least. That is really pathetic. I will be anxious to hear the reaction to the MP's letter. It would be good if it would start some reform for others as well as for you, wouldn't it??

Well, do take it easy. And do call the sister (nurse?). And thanks for coming by! What a nice surprise this morning. I hope you're not in pain, but if so, that you have something good to knock you out for awhile!

Butterfly Mama said...

So glad you are fine and "it" is done.

We'll wait with you for the 2 week trip and the letter...


Crystal said...

Praying for a full and speedy recovery, my friend!! Be sure to seek all the medical advice and help that you need - and don't be shy about waiting or asking. ((( HUGS )))

someone else said...

What a relief to finally have that done. Relax and enjoy a peaceful weekend! You deserve it.

Maybe they will have to give you a huge financial settlement and you'll never have to work again, if you don't want to. Nice thought, hmm?

Vee said...

You must be so relieved. I am for your sake. I will be eagerly following your progress as this procedure is something that has been recommended to my mother. Perhaps I can gauge how well it might go for her by your experience. (That sounds preposterous now that I've written it down, but that was my thought.)

Feel better, take care, allow others to do for you knowing full well that one day soon you'll be paying it forward.

Gentle hugs...

Angie said...

I just think it's awful that you did not even get to speak to the dr.!!! I'm glad it's over. And you have to wait 2 weeks to find out what they are going to do about the Grade II, III, and IV damage to the bones??

Wish I could bring you a meal! ;-)

Linda said...

Hi Linds,
For some readon my bloglines isn't notifying me when you have a post up - very irresponsible.
I'm so glad it is all done and you are doing well. Praying for a complete and quick recovery - with absolutely no complications.
Take good care of yourself and get lots of rest!

Lisa Marie said...

Glad your ordeal is finally over. Here's wishing you a speedy recovery. Take care and rest that knee

Susie said...

So glad you have that procedure behind you. Does it just check for damage so they can decide how to repair it or what? Please take it easy and don't overdo!

Needled Mom said...

Glad to hear that you came through with no ill effects. I will be so interested to hear what the results will show. I will also be waiting to hear the response from the letter..

Have a laid back, easy weekend.

Pam said...

I've been out of the blogloop this week and am amazed to hear that you've had the op. Hope you make a good recovery.

Mary said...

I am fairly sure the doctors idn't come near you because of embarressment! So, it's not all in your mind after all - you're not going mad!!

Let's go with Monty on this one ..... "All ways look on the bright side of life...."

Take it easy, rest that knee (no cheating).


P.S. I've just thought of another line.. "The road is long...with many a winding ?...but I'll be strong.. I'll learn to carry on..

That won't work. It goes on to say something about he's my brother.

How about the one from Charlottes web... Chin up, chin up... (can't remember the rest!)

Ok, I'll leave the singing bit for another time.

Take care

Mary said...

please excuse all the typo's. It is 6am and I have not slept well.


Midlife Mom said...

Glad you have that behind you. Hopefully you will get some news soon on what's to be done. Try to stay put on the sofa and take care of yourself!

So you are an empty nester now. It took me a while to get used to it but I did. It seemed rather odd at first not to have all the messiness around! lol! Now the grands come over and make all the mess but who cares, I love it!

Karen said...

So glad to hear the Op is done! Now for a quick healing, we hope!

Lovely that you got in by mentioning the visit with the MP. That is so funny, but not too. You wish it didn't have to go that far.


Diane@Diane's Place said...

So, was the surgery supposed to cure all your ills, or was it a stop gap until further therapy and surgery can be done? Sounds like you didn't get much information yourself!

Anyway, I do hope and pray that you have a quick recovery and that your knee heals quickly and is strong.

Happy weekend!

Love and hugs,


Judith said...

I am trying to remember the words to some wise advice, and think it goes like this:

"Mind your manners and take your medicine, and do what your blogging friends tell you".

Good for you for speaking up for yourself. Am so glad the surgery's done. It's sad that some doctors don't realize their hand on your shoulder is a big part of the healing. Watch for excessive warmth, redness, swelling, or drainage and if some, call the Sister/nurse right away.

I wish I could bring you a hot cooked meal, but know that you are in my prayers.

Desia said...

It's just so rude and (I can't find the right word now, maybe neglectful?) that the dr/dr's didn't even speak with you after the surgery.
Hope you recover soon, take it easy eh.

meggie said...

Reading all the comments, I don't think they realise, nothing has really been resolved. I understand it to be just an arthroscopy, to see what damage etc. I hope the 'washing out' gives you relief. I had similar, but have been told I need a knee replacement, & will need to go on a waiting list for that! I don't think I have as much pain as you, & as far as I know, my patella is not damaged, but could be.

I do hope you get some relief Linds.

Joyful Days said...

Hopefully this will be a start to healing and resolution. Hope things keep progressing.