Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sport is good...

It is raining. I may have mentioned RAIN before. More than once. But just in case you missed that is raining. Wet stuff.

I hope everyone watched the opening of the Paralympics. Stunning. Gentle and absolutely beautiful, and for the first time I can ever remember, the stands were filled to overflowing, and how those athletes deserved it! If you missed it, go and check it out on the web. As I would again, except that this computer is shutting down every time anything remotely interesting involving Windows media player pops up. The gremlin is alive and well.

Seriously, though, if you missed it, go and watch. It will be time well spent.

And then there is the tennis. Oh my word. It is just as exciting when you have to listen to it on the radio, because you don't have Sky TV. Could Murray beat Nadal?? Can Roger win it again? I love Roger. It is the Swiss/SA connection, of course, and the combination of such style and elegance with superb sportsmanship and ability. Not to mention the fact that watching him move is like poetry in motion. I miss seeing the poetry in motion bit. One has to use one's imagination, which is a bit of a bother. This is the ONLY Grand Slam tournament we have not had on ordinary tv, and I am less than impressed. Something to do with cost. Ahem. America??? You listening????

We are off to a shared lunch today at Jean's house. It is just as well she extended her home. The rain, you know. And the 40+ people who will not want to sit in the garden after all. I have yet to make my contribution.

I will be back. Have a super Sunday!


Midlife Mom said...

So sorry you are having so many computer problems! That really is Annoying with a capital A! (I had to go back and change the a to a capital!)

Were you serious when you said you were going to try to not heat your house this winter?! What is your climate like?

Thank you for thinking of us this week. We are doing a bit better although I still struggle with this loss from our family. Buddy was really special and we will never forget him. xoxo

PEA said...

Oh nooo, I completely forgot about the Paralympics! I've been so busy the last few days, I haven't even had the tv on or the radio, just my cds playing. I didn't even watch the Olympics so what does that tell you! lol

It's cold and raining here too...I think Summer is now a thing of the past. I'd send you some sunshine...if we had some! lol I do hope you had a wonderful time at Jean's house for lunch:-) xoxo

Butterfly Mama said...

I'll have to watch some of the paralympics tonight as I'm promising bed time for my kids is 7pm promtly tonight. My daughter has been up SO late these last couple nights that I never get any evening time to myself - let alone with my Adam...

Hugs - stay dry,

Crystal said...

I'm glad you have such a good imagination as it means you can still visualize it all :)) I love the sound of that - "shared lunch" - so many good things come out of times like that. Enjoy!!

Needled Mom said...

"Rain, rain go away." I believe you have had your share, no?

Hope you enjoyed your lunch. Yes, it's much better inside with rain in the garden.

Have a better week, Linds. xoxox

Lori said...

It rained here in MI as well. Oh my, do we need it. Everything is brown!

A happy Sunday to you,


Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

So sorry for your computer woes!I hate talking to the techs...can't understand half of them.... very frustrating...and I know that the crummy weather can't be nice. It is still so hot here, and humid...I can hardly wait for Autumn to come. your luncheon sounds wonderful. I am missing those slower days I enjoyed in South Africa, when they would invite you for sundowners...or drinks at 2:00 PM!!! Now that was a bit crazy, but the lovely slow pace, was so enjoyable.

Janine said...

Thrilled that Natalie du Toit has a gold medal. They are going to do much better than our able-bodied bunch!

Olson Family said...

I had to chuckle at your comment re: the costs, America, Grand Slam not being on regular TV.
We faced the same problem - sort of. My husband LOVES basketball - played in High School and loves what we Americans affectionatly refer to as "March Madness" - the college playoffs.
We get SKY satellite here in "die Schweiz" and he was so happy to get NASN thru them. And then realized - no Basketball. "Why?" he cries. I remind him that the UK and related (former)Commonwealth entities are avid Rugby, Football and Cricket fans - not Basketball. It doesn't pay for SKY to purchase the Basketball viewing rights.

But that doesn't explain the Grand Slam Events - everyone wants to see that - you're absolutely right, really not fair.