Saturday, September 20, 2008

The last chick has flown the nest...

David is there. His bags are unpacked, his room is sorted and looking like home to him, his photos are up, his grin is wide. His laptop is wonderful, and he was greeted by great kids, there to help carry his gear. Mother hobbled along at the rear.

I failed to win the mother of the year award. I left his passport in the printer, where I was copying it. Oh great. He needed ID to get his student card, but happily, they believed he was who he said he was. So that was ok. I also forgot coathangers, but solved that one too. And apart from the little electric fan he wanted to take and some jackets and his other suit, we remembered most things.


Here I am at Andrew's place. They are out at the moment, so I am posting this quick note. The last chick has flown the nest. My baby is at university. He waved goodbye quite happliy, and walked off and didn't look back.

Where have the years gone?
When did he grow up?


Robert said...

It's a poignant time for you, Linds. The one who required your attention daily is now off to new adventures and challenges. And so begins another chapter in your life story too. May you treasure every memory, applaud his every success, find new adventures, and revel in these days of discovery for yourself. The world awaits you, my friend!! Big, big ((( HUGS )))

Crystal said...

Sorry - that's me, posting when DH is signed on. And here you thought you had a new follower :)) Well, you do - he reads and chuckles at your blog but I don't think he'll be over to comment any time soon!!

Penless Thoughts said...

I know you must have very mixed feelings. Pure joy....mixed with a little sadness.

Linda said...

Oh those bitter/sweet moments. I've been away for a while so hope you're doing a bit better Linds. Once you are up and about it will be exciting to see what the Lord has in store for this new season of your life.
Have a good weekend.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Ahhh, I remember moments such as these so well. You're a good mommy! He walks tall because you prepared him well. Sending you a gentle hug and some imaginary chocolate. :>

Dawn said...

Be glad you didn't have to wait until they were in their thirties to get them really going in college!

I'm glad he's settled in and happy. What kind of laptop did he end up with?

Have fun with the other kids!

Mary said...

The passport I can understand, but the coat hangers? You forgot the coat hangers?

Linds, please come over to my blog and collect an award. I have no idea how to link it or anything - so you'll have to cut and paste etc.

When Ellisha went to Uni it was a sad day - she rode her bike (1 km away) - it's a 4 year degree - she aint leaving the nest - ever!

meggie said...

I know we raise them with love & hopes that they will go out into the world, & be self sufficient.
It still leaves a horrible gap in our lives, in spite of knowing what is good & right!
I wish him all the luck in the world for his future... & you for yours!

Dawn said...

Thanks for stopping by - I know you've been busy and I hope you haven't overdone it with that blasted knee! I can only imagine how quiet your house will be now. But I trust and pray that you will be up and about soon so you'll not have so much time to ponder how quiet it is.

I remember as if it were yesterday my trip to college - I was the first to leave of 5 and never gave it a thought that my mom and dad might be sad - I was so excited and ready to get going that I suddenly realized I should probably walk down to the car with them and say good-bye properly. What a memory. Then when I put it together this year that my mom was only a year older than my daughter is now (she was 35!) when she took me to college, it just blew my mind.

Have a wonderful week!

Sandra said...

Well I'm glad he's settled in and happy.

Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday :)

Olson Family said...

University was great - I pray he will enjoy it. And that you will survive as well. I still haven't stood in my mother's shoes yet - have about 8 yrs left before I send the first one off. Even though at my current age, my mom was watching me start my 3rd year at Uni.
Thank you for the Webby award! Should I ever figure out the linky thing, I will pass it on. Tried to post last week but, there were issues.

Susie said...

I remember so well when our last little birdie flew away (18 yrs ago)
The thing I remember most was the quiet. I'm sure it's going to be an adjustment, but that is just the beginning of a new chapter in your life!

Butterfly Mama said...

Oh Linds,

I imagine it will feel like a lightning fast time until I am there. I'm glad he is excited and settling in. I'm sure that you will adjust too.

Many hugs,

Morning Glory said...

I, too, remember when our nest became empty. It was very, very quiet around the house, but then we discovered the freedom of not having to meet a schedule, and everything was lovely. Those years go by so fast, don't they?? I'm guessing you DID win mother of the year deep in his heart, even if he didn't look back!

It never occurred to me that my parents might have felt emotional when they drove away and left me, their only daughter, at university, halfway across the country. I wish I could ask them so many things -- that being one of them.

Jan said...

They grow up too fast, don't they. Just think of all the fun he'll have and all the tales he'll have to tell. (IF he tells! lol)

momteacherfriend said...

(Deep Sigh)
How does this happen? One day they are grown and we step aside to let them journey out on their own.
Yet the blessing it can be to watch them fly.

You are in my thoughts as you make this transition.