Monday, September 29, 2008

Mutter and mumble...

It is supposed to reach 17 degrees C here today. I feel this may be a trifle optimistic at the moment. It is cold! I am not sleeping much at night - and I have run out of things to read. You get the general mood.

Tomorrow I go to see my GP, and hopefully we can discuss what has happened so far, what will happen next and what the heck is happening inside my knee, but, I do not hold out great hopes for anything illuminating. The arthroscopy was basically to see what was going on, and to clean out anything evident not needing much effort. And because I have not seen hide or hair of the consultant since 2 August 2008, I have no idea what he thinks. And i still have no treatment plan.

And yes, it is ridiculous. I have the distinct disadvantage here of having grown up in a place where, if you are injured, you immediately see a specialist, who immediately orders tests, oversees all immediate treatment him/ or herself, and you are fixed. You deal with one person who sees you regularly and alters or amends your treatment plan as it is needed. I understand that the NHS works differently, but that doesn't mean I forget how things SHOULD work in a First World country.

So you may say I am a trifle frustrated. I come so close to wanting to just say oh forget it, and then I remember that I will want to crawl around on the floor with my grandchildren. I will want to walk in the Alps. I will want to keep driving. I will want to be as flexible and mobile as I was 4 months ago. I need my knee to work.

I do believe that this is a blue Monday. Well. It is right this moment. I am not a ray of sunshine right now.


Jo said...

TO my way of thinking, if any one has a right to "NOT" be a ray of sunshine it is you. I can't believe that they are dragging this out like they are. There can't possibly be a good reason for it.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Oh good. A ray of sunshine in the midst of your circumstances would be unrealistic. (I mean, I merely have a flooded basement and I'm all out of sorts.)

I agree that that is no way for a First World country's medical services to be. Don't they know that delay only makes the situation worse? I'm going to come over there and kick some behinds for you very soon.

Susie said...

I'd be screaming in frustration (and I'm pretty mild mannered) if I had been subjected to the type of treatment you've received.
Not only would it be a blue Monday, it would have been a very blue 4 months!
I know you're anxious to hear what your GP has to say.

Chris said...




That'll show 'em. snarf.

Needled Mom said...

Like you, after the last four months I am not holding out much hope for the appointment. This whole thing has been so poorly managed. Yet....I will be interested to hear what they say.

I enjoyed your last post. We had heard from our British friends how bad things were there as well. To see the fear in my mother who lived through the depression is enough to scare any of us. However, I cannot imagine living anywhere else on earth. Those that can buckle up and put everything into life will again make it through these times. I only hope that many lessons, as you mentioned, are learned.

Judith said...

I hope it helps a little that someone understands what you're going through, and is praying for you.

meggie said...

I think perhaps my knee is giving me more pain in sympathy for you.
It is not only your system that is broken, it seems to be a general malais around the world. It is the same here & in New Zealand, who once prided themselves on being the best country in the world for health systems.
In the case of our mother's mistreatment in a large Hospital, we were assured we could complain through channels. We did. It was all for nought, & fell upon deaf ears. An exercise in total futility.

PEA said...

Goodness gracious, it's no wonder you're frustrated! This whole thing with your knee has been going on for so long and it's absolutely ridiculous that you still have no answers!! Hopefully someone will be telling you what they found with the Arthroscopy at least. Sheesh! Just know that I'm thinking of you. xoxo

Dawn said...

YOu have a right to be blue! Too bad the weather can't help a bit, at least! We are all feeling for you, if that does any good at all!

Crystal said...

((( HUGS ))), my friend. I wish I could give it in person and go on your behalf to knock down some doors, kick some ---, and get this thing redirected.

Shall I send more chocolate? :))