Friday, September 05, 2008


11.25am yesterday the laptop was collected.
11.26am yesterday the main desk top computer (11 months old) died.
It is a Dell.

I am trying to fix.

I am doomed.


Janine said...

I am surprised that you haven't taken a baseball bat (or something else that is heavy) to the desk top or, in fact, the Dell people. Sounds as if their business is run by incompetents and that their products are sub-standard. Hang in there though because if anyone can get them sorted out then it is you. X

meggie said...

Well,all I can say is SH!T & SH!TTER!!!!
Unbelievable, but a doomsday call for DELL@HELL!

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Oh dear! Bless your heart, you've been through it with computers and appliances lately. I hope it's nothing terribly complicated or permanent with the desk top. Hopefully you can get it running again without too much trouble. Hope so, I said...

Love and hugs,


Dawn said...

I had to come over the ocean this morning in hopes of some good news. Alas! Not to be. Bless your heart! I can't believe how much trouble you're having - makes me feel guilty to be typing on my Dell at this moment!

Chris said...

I'm thinking the same entity that shall remain without a name that has been attacking me lately has headed over the pond. Praying for you!

Morning Glory said...

It's not fair!!!!!! I'm so sorry, Linds.

Karen said...

I've been away, finally got caught up on the bad news and more bad news! Good Grief! You've had your share of troubles.

I do hope things start looking up, and the consultant comes back with some new and helpful ideas for your healing.


Crystal said...

I agree - it's not fair! Someone as nice as you should not have to endure this suffering. My heart is with you!

Thank you for the wishes on the news of our grandson. He is just perfect! You are going to love, love, love being a grandmother. I pray that all is going well for Ann and the baby. ((( HUGS )))

I hope you are back to full computer mode soon. And if not, know that I miss you alot!

Mary said...

You are not doomed! Remember, you are good at fixing things. As for dell, they are doomed - for corporate collapse.



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