Saturday, September 06, 2008

I fixed it. Sort of.

Hah! She says, dusting off her hands. I fixed it.

Well, CHKDSK what ever that is, did the job. It works. It is not 100% yet, but all is backed up and saved and we can reformat the whole thing if it gives up the ghost again any time soon. The man in India wanted to charge me £60 for a "guaranteed resolution". I told him I could do the guaranteed resolution myself for free. Reformatting would be the guaranteed resolution. So there.

I am back.

Winter appears to have arrived. Storms, rain, floods and freezing temps. I know people who have switched on their heating already. This does not bode well for my decision to try to get through winter with no heating this year. At all. As I sit here, I am wearing winter clothing, with many layers. It is 6 September. And there are many blankets on the couches. Sigh. What happened to the forecast that this would be the hottest summer ever?

I have croissants in the oven. A hungry son in the background. My failure to win the £96 million Euro lotto last night has put a few minors kinks in my plans for the day. What an irritation. Oh well. Dreams are fun! And now I am going to curl up under those blankets on the couch. And dream about Hawaii.

Have a great weekend!


Isabelle said...

I've just made my first soup of the season and we have a little convector heater on in the study.

Autumn indeed.

Needled Mom said...

There must be a certain amount of satisfaction about having the Dell removed from the premises. I am so glad that you FINALLY got it settled. I will certainly refer anyone considering a Dell to your blog.

I hope the economy does not tank as you suggest it could. That would be devastating. We'll be sending care baskets of food your way.

It sounds like autumn has arrived before summer this year. Yikes. Guess it is time for the extra wool and warm soups.

Have a great weekend.

Sandra said...

I'm so glad you finally got it settled too, I already had issues with Dell but after reading your problems with them everyday, I will NEVER go Dell again LOL

Sorry you didn't win the lottery, that really does irritate a person doesn't it? LOL

Have a great day Linds,

At A Hen's Pace said...

Linds, I am so impressed that you fixed a dead desk-top!! I have no idea what CHKDSK is, or reformatting either. Way to go!!! :)

So glad your Dell days are over.... with the laptop, anyway. May David get a new one quick, and may it function beautifully, forever and ever, Amen!

And what a cool widget in your sidebar! I've never seen that before. I'd be terribly embarrassed to have one in mine, since my blog-READING has tanked so much since our move! Maybe it will recover once the new school year begins to get old. :)



Joyful Days said...

No heating?? How cold does it get there? I kept the thermostat set around sixty last winter, but it gets below freezing on a regular basis here. Everyone else wore warm clothing. I had my hot flashes, so we were fine.

I have an old, old lap-top that we got second hand for free--actually we got three of them, gave my dad one and set the other aside. Now mine is starting to act flakey, not too bad yet, but I can see the writing on the wall.

Much as I love the convenience I think we will get a new desk top and I will use the stand-by for very simple word processing things. Desk tops are much easier to mend. I don't think I'd do it myself--but they are better.

Stay warm!


Linda said...

Good job Linds - I'm proud of you.
I think that hottest summer prediction was meant for us! Whew it's been hot - for months! Cuddling up on the couch with a few blankets seems like heaven - although I have to admit that when our temperature has the nerve to go below 60 I get rather testy. Never satisfied :-)
Have a good weekend Linds - and I'm sorry about not winning. Never seems to work for me either.

Lori said...

Hi Linds, it's starting to cool down a little around here too, but not THAT cold. BRRRR.

Hopefully now all your computer woes are laid at rest. What a pain!

And, that is too weird about the names, Landon Andrew and Andrew Langdon. Interesting and fun stuff!

Dawn said...

As I mentioned in my latest post, it was 48 degrees F all day Friday - I FROZE. But it is now just lovely fallish weather - a bit early, though. Sometimes it snows for my sister's birthday on the 11th - hope not this year!

I'm proud of you for fixing your computer. I wouldn't have a clue!!

Things have to be looking up!

Susie said...

Hi Linds,
So glad you were able to fix the computer! We aren't as cold as you yet, but our very hot weather seems to have left. Thanks for your prayers for our daughter.