Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Goodbye, DELL

Did DELL call yesterday? No. Did I call DELL? Yes. Again. Because I knew Customer Services closes at 5pm, so I called at 4.30pm after sitting here all day waiting for their call.

I was passed around the technical support reception desk like a box of chocolates. 6 times. Until I nearly burst a blood vessel. And finally got transferred to the Customer relations dept, and a lady who authorised the refund. Which will only happen after the laptop is collected. Progress at last.

Oh, she said - is there anything I can do to change your mind? We do not like to lose our customers. I told her that if she had called me back the day I was first promised a call from a Customer Service manager, things may well have been different. They would have retained a customer. However, as no manager had ever called me back, despite daily promises, enough was enough. That she needed to know that there is apparently no Customer Service Department at Dell. Only Tech Support, and that they have no managers. Did she know that? And that managers do not take any calls. Did she know that? And that when you have heard the same thing, read from the same script 6 times in one 50 minute call, you tend to get a little irate. Yes, this call also lasted 50 mins. I will be watching my phone bills to see how it all adds up.

I rest my case. DO NOT BUY A DELL. If you are very, very lucky, it will work, and no doubt you will be happy. If not, however, you are entering what is known on the internet as DELL HELL. (I just googled it now and there are 389,000 entries under Dell Hell.) And before you even consider one, check out the Dell blog, Direct2Dell, and avoid any computer which may have the faulty graphics card. Just read what people are saying.

So maybe this is nearly over. I just want to cry. For my son. For both my sons. And for me too. I hate going to war about things. This time, it was so important that David had something good happen. Given with love, and received with delight. Andrew got his dream computer for him. And it all ended in disaster. As I said before, it mattered. This time, it really mattered and Dell blew more than just the rotten computer. He blew my son's dreams out of the water.

And we still have to find him a computer.

So it is nearly over. I hope. And we can revert back to normal blogging. Whatever that may be. More conversations from the couch, until the consultant returns next Monday. I hope.


Sheila said...

Good for you! I absolutely hate sitting on the phone on hold with customer service, only to get the run around. We have had that with our internet provider so many times, I get stressed the day before I have to call because I know it's going to be a nightmare.

So good for you for telling them thanks, but no thanks. And now here's hoping you get a proper computer that works next time!

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Joyful Days said...

It is really sad that you & your sons have had to go through this. You have shown them what persistence looks like. But lessons learned don't make the heart feel any better.

My computer needs to be replaced very soon. Guess what I won't buy?

Midlife Mom said...

Oh how I hate being passed around to person after person and to get nowhere! Good grief, can't they have someone that can actually help AND speak english? I am so sorry about your son too. What a disappointment for him. May the next computer be even bigger and better then the Dell from Heck!

Morning Glory said...

What an awful ordeal! At least they didn't argue over the wisdom of giving you a refund. I hope you find a good laptop for David soon. Then he'll be joyful all over again.

Anonymous said...

Buy an Apple! They just work.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

How thrilled I am that you have an end to this nightmare. I am sorry that David won't have this computer, but delighted that he'll have a wonderful one that will work. A Mac? ;D

Chris said...

Hell hath no fury like a mother whose son has been scorned.

And YEA for YOU!!! Give 'em what for, Linds, me gal!

I'd put you up against a pit bull any day, bum knee or not. You're a winner in my book!